Thursday, August 27, 2009

Democrats call in the real AstroTurf ®

Real Astroturf® for HealthCare Reform
a) A word coined by Democrats to disparage a Grassroots movement.

b)meant to convey the impression that the Grassroots movement is fake, phony or contrived.
How dare Conservatives and Republicans come out with real concerns and real people protesting Obamacare in the August Health Care Town Hall meetings. That’s not the way to win public opinion according to Democrat detractors.

According to these Democrat naysayers Town Hall protests weren’t carried out by real people. No the people protesting are fake, they are phony, what they are is Astroturf ®!

Well with no George Bush to kick around any more Democrats have to disparage someone, so why not disparage the American People themselves. Yes, they can’t Bush bash (well Obama still does every opportunity he gets) so they turned to bashing the American people directly. The American people do not want Obama health care reform so Democrats attack the American people just like they would have attacked President Bush if he were still around.

But wait there’s still more, Democrats are planning sending out the real Astroturf®, to show Congress that they’d better not get all weak in the knees about Health Care Reform because of their meetings with their constituents. If Conservative protest were a knife in this Health Care fight then the real Astroturf’s® protest will be a gun. Listen as it is explained by Chris Frates of the Politico on this 1 min Politico video.

Democrats are sending out the real paid Astroturf ® you know; SEIU, ACORN and Obama’s Organizing for America in a transparent attempt to counteract the real protest of Conservatives and to convince Congress that the American people really want health care reform. If Democrats are going to do that then why all the belly aching from Democrats when real Conservative and Independents and some conservative Democrats were protesting their real concerns regarding Obama’s 1.6trillion dollar health Care reform. Didn't Obama say that America is out of money?

To be sure Obama’s groups protesting in favor of health care reform will be better funded, better organized and better instructed in the ways of political action because they’ve learned from the Community Organizer-In-Chief.

So stand aside Conservatives and let the Real Astroturf ®show you how it’s done! (see story)

Bottom line is we can ill afford all the spending the the deficits that the Obama administration is piling upon the American people!

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  1. Maybe the Dummycrats think they can manufacture
    more money out of thin air. Or are they just trying
    to make this country totally unbearable to live
    in, after they completely destroy it financially?.