Friday, August 28, 2009

For the first time in my Adult life I’m scared of a White House Administration

But it's all true... well maybe the 666 is a bit much
"What we have learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback. And let me tell you something -- for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. –Michele Obama(see 1:14mins video)

Boy, not me Michele! I’m not proud at all of what you and your husband have done to the American economy or the American dream. I’ve seen your hope and I’ve seen your change and for the first time in my adult life I’m scared of a White House Administration. And I’m not the only one!

Nat Hentoff of the CATO Institute is scared too! According to his article, “I Am Finally Scared of a White House Administration” what he’s afraid of is the subtext and stealth of this president and his administration concerning Health Care Reform.
As more Americans became increasingly troubled by this and other fearful elements of Dr. Obama's cost-efficient health care regimen, Smith adds this vital advice, no matter what legislation Obama finally signs into law:

"Remember that legislation itself is only half the problem with Obamacare. Whatever bill passes, hundreds of bureaucrats in the federal agencies will have years to promulgate scores of regulations to govern the details of the law.
"This is where the real mischief could be done because most regulatory actions are effectuated beneath the public radar.
–Nat Hentoff (see source)
Camille Paglia social critic, dissident feminist and Liberal writer is horrified. She’s horror-stricken at the amateurishness of the Obama administration and an incompetent Democrat Controlled Congress.
I must confess my dismay bordering on horror at the amateurism of the White House apparatus for domestic policy…

Case in point: the administration's grotesque mishandling of healthcare reform…
[W]ho would have thought that the sober, deliberative Barack Obama would have nothing to propose but vague and slippery promises -- or that he would so easily cede the leadership clout of the executive branch to a chaotic, rapacious, solipsistic [Democrat controlled] Congress?[…]

There is plenty of blame to go around. Obama's aggressive endorsement of a healthcare plan that does not even exist yet, except in five competing, fluctuating drafts, makes Washington seem like Cloud Cuckoo Land. The president is promoting the most colossal, brazen bait-and-switch operation since the Bush administration snookered the country into invading Iraq with apocalyptic visions of mushroom clouds over American cities…

You can keep your doctor; you can keep your insurance, if you're happy with it, Obama keeps assuring us in soothing, lullaby tones. Oh, really? And what if my doctor is not the one appointed by the new government medical boards for ruling on my access to tests and specialists? And what if my insurance company goes belly up because of undercutting by its government-bankrolled competitor? Face it: Virtually all nationalized health systems, neither nourished nor updated by profit-driven private investment, eventually lead to rationing.
-- Camille Paglia (see source)
The Washington Times and other media are concerned with the out of control spending of the Obama administration and a Democrat Controlled Congress. The U.S. deficit has never in history reached 500 billion dollars but according to numbers that the White House released the Obama deficits will reach 1.5 trillion this year and next year!
The annual U.S. budget deficit, which has never reached $500 billion, will exceed $1.5 trillion this year and next year, the White House said Tuesday morning in its widely anticipated Mid-Session Review.

The budget deficit for fiscal 2010, which begins Oct. 1, is projected to total $1.502 trillion, nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars higher than the White House forecast in May, when it released its detailed 2010 budget.
In 2011, the projected deficit of $1.12 trillion would exceed $1 trillion for the third year in a row.
--David M. Dickson (see source)
The U.S. Office Of Management and Budget has added $2 trillion more to its projected $7.1 trillion tally of U.S. deficits expected throughout the coming decade. By 2019, the OMB projects that the accumulation of deficits will reach $9.05 trillion which translates into average deficits of over $900 billion per year.
By 2019, the debt is expected to be 68% of GDP. This figure includes the cost of interest on U.S. publicly held debt. The total dollar amount of debt is projected to be about $17.5 trillion by the end of 2019.
--Rory Cripps (see source)
And then Joe and Jane Americans are afraid because six to seven months ago President Barry Soltero promised that his rushed through 787billion dollar stimulus package would produce 3.5million jobs but instead:
2.1 million jobs lost and a record $1.8 trillion budget deficit—

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement on the six-month anniversary of the signing of the President’s so-called stimulus bill. Since becoming law, over 2 million Americans have lost work and only 18% of Americans say that the trillion-dollar plan has helped the economy.

“Is this the immediate economic jolt Americans were promised six months ago?” said Chairman Price. “Americans envision urgent action and job creation when they think of a stimulus. Yet after 181 days of bureaucratic bungling, wasted tax dollars, and growing unemployment, the American people see clearly that the President’s spending package was anything but an economic stimulus.
—Posted by Gateway Pundit (see source)
Yikes! Projections for the future deficit of the US government just keep getting scarier. On Tuesday, the White House released new figures predicting a cumulative $9 trillion in red ink from 2010 to 2019. That’s $2 trillion more than the administration had estimated just in May.
But wait: Maybe things aren’t so bad after all. The Congressional Budget Office also released a new deficit forecast on Tuesday: a 10-year shortfall of a mere $7 trillion. That’s not much worse than CBO’s last prediction.--
Peter Grier (see source)
Americans have opened a virtual Pandora’s box of malevolent content by electing Obama. Because of the election all kinds of nasties are floating out of there. Winged Liberal goblins like Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Clinton floated out of that box along with their toady little minions; Sotomayor, Geithner and Napolitano. Those disturbing sights were closely followed by their Socialist agenda which floated out too. 700billion dollar bailouts,787billion dollar pork barrel stimulus, the takeover of US Auto Industry, the Socialist Cash for Clunkers project and the Obamacare Health Care Reform.

And now 1.6trillion dollar deficits over the next 10 years and a White House that keeps telling us that they didn’t know how deep the economic crisis was. Well if that’s the case why did Democrats push through trillions of dollars of spending and for God’s sake why are they continuing to push through more under the guise of Health Care Reform?

No Michelle for the first time in my adult life I am actually afraid of my government and afraid of a White House administration.

And I’m not the only one!


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    You are an idiot.

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    wow... you really were scraped off the bottom of someone's shoe.

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM about being able to control the internet in case of a "crisis"? Oh, wait a minute, that's just to shut down sites that criticize "The Won"...

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    Anonymous does not dispute fact. Anonymous calls people names.

    Yo, Anonymous: time for a brain transplant. Sadly, your IQ is too low to grasp the necessity for this procedure.

  5. Great post Alaphiah!. I knew that it would
    attract the low-life Obamabot.

    Except for the name calling, it doesn't
    have much to say. It probably should
    stay anonymous as it probably lives
    in another country.

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    Three sixes is too much. It should be three zeroes, like the extra zeroes we'll be seeing on our money in the near future. ($1000 becoming the new $1 bill).

    Besides, if Obama were the REAL Antichrist, would not the Economy be fixed by now, followed by 3.5 yrs of properity follwed by 3.5 years of war?

  7. I do have to say the 666 is not really
    appropriate for The Chosen One.

    Perhaps the author of the cartoon should
    have drawn a hammer and sickle insted.

  8. Anonymous11:11 AM

    "I’m not proud at all of what you and your husband have done to the American economy or the American dream."

    You don't like the fact that a great depression has been averted? You don't like the fact that the market has stabilized? You don't like the fact that "Cash for Clunkers" was a success and has invigorated the economy, the environment and the auto industry?

    What exactly don't you like, Alaphiah?

  9. A Great Depression has been averted?. Wonderful,
    now go tell that to the 6 1/2 million people
    who lost their jobs. Tell that to all of the
    people who lost their homes or are on the verge
    of losing their homes.