Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Million March on Washington

Conservative Grassroots 2million strong at the Nation’s Capitol
"You want socialism? Go to Russia!"—Susan Clark, protestor
Up to two million people marched to the U.S. Capitol Saturday, carrying signs with slogans such as "Obamacare makes me sick" as they protested the president's health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending.

The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way to the capitol, according to the Washington Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.

People were chanting "enough, enough" and "We the People." Others yelled "You lie, you lie!" in reference to Rep. Joe Wilson and "Pelosi has to go," referring to California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
.—Mail Foreign Service

It was originally reported in the Daily Mail two days ago that up to two million people marched on the U.S. Capitol and then without explanation the Daily Mail adjusted the number down to 1 million.

It is unclear whether the change in the estimate is the Daily Mail succumbing to political pressures because they were being used to reference that fact that upwards of 2 million people were in attendance in Washington.

What is suspicious is the Daily Mail made no mention why the number was changed. and adjusted down. (see story)

Other sources did record the Daily Mail's original report. (see here and here)

2 million people are a significant number because if that number stands it would be larger than other significant Marches on Washington: It would be larger than; the October 16, 1995 1 Million Man March with a reported 400,000 people. It would be bigger than the October 12, 1996 Illegal Aliens Rights March - First national march in D.C. for equal rights for Illegals. With a reported 500,000 people. With their slogan, “Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote” (see source) (That? You thought the election of Obama legitimate?)

And it would be bigger than the April 30, 2000 homosexual Millennium March on Washington controversial LBGT political rally with a reported 200,000 to 1 million people.

Marchers overran Washington Saturday to protest big government, out of control government spending and the irresponsible way that Democrats have used the full power of the presidency plus control of both houses of Congress to impose an ultra- partisan agenda on the American people

The American people come out in full force. to protest tax policies, along with growing resentment over the economic stimulus packages and bank bailouts.

Obama media and the White House attempted to completely ignore that a significant number of the American people are not happy with the Barry Soetoro administration and the direction which it is taking America.

The Barry Soetoro administration ignores the American people at its own peril. Barry has all but lost the support that put him in office. The far left alone will not be enough to sustain his radical plans to fundamentally change America.

2010 promises to be an explosive political charged year. If the political activity of Conservatives in the march on Washington is any indication, the fundamental change that was promised will be a fundamental change in the Congress in 2010 and then more of the same in 2012 in the Senate and then change in the White House in 2012 too!


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    OK, so how many people to you honestly believe were in Washington Saturday in front of the Capitol?

  2. Unfortunately because of the strong counter intelligence being practiced by partisans the numbers are unclear as those who intended such confusion wanted.

    I have seen numbers ranging up to 1.7 Million and as low as 200,000.

    Because everything is so politically charged in this nation we find it hard to arrive at the actuality on a whole range of issues, this being just one.

    It's has become a matter of who you trust. I understand that the reports initially stated upwards of 2 Million before revision.

    1.7 Million is closer to 2 million than the later revised 1 million so I'm prone to go with over a million and a half upwards toward 1.7 million based on time lapse photography and other pictures showing people from the mall to back beyond to Washington Mounument.

    I have be believe that claims that pictures were doctored is the counter intelligence that I was referring to.

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    "...and other pictures showing people from the mall to back beyond to the Washington Monumnet."

    Please show me just one of these pictures.

    By the way, I was there.

  4. Please scroll through pictures

  5. Here's a picture in the Huffington Post that partisans are claiming was doctored because it shows clearly that upwards of 2 million people were there.

    btw did you mention that you were there because you personally counted the people yourself?

  6. Anonymous9:25 AM

    No one claims that picture was doctored; in fact, it wasn't. It just doesn't show the protest on Saturday. As has been explained over and over, that picture was taken much earlier, most likely in the 90s. A museum that exists today is not shown in the picture. Plus, if you had actually been there, you would know that it was quite cloudy all day; the sun was never out. That picture clearly shows a sunny day.

    There is no picture of people on the Mall from 9/12 because one does not exist...because there were no people on the Mall. The furthest the crowd stretched was 3rd St. (look it up on a map). There were people walking along the sides of the Mall, but it was not a dense crowd. How do I know that? I WAS THERE.

    I know you think you are helping, but you are actually undermining what happened Saturday. It makes everyone look really silly. To continue to claim that a million people were there is beyond logic.

  7. That is not true claims are all over the internet that pictures that show protestor from the mall to the monument were doctored all you have to do is a query to verify that.

    The last link that I referred in the Huffington Post claims that the picture was doctored so what are you talking about?

    And again are you representing that you counted all the people because you were there?

  8. Again all sorts of conspircy theories attempting to blunt the reality of the massive numbers that turned out for the March on Washington.

  9. More pixs

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM

    These are the first two paragraphs of the Huffington Post article YOU linked:

    "Tea Party protesters trying to tout the size of their march on Washington last weekend have been passing around a photo of a packed National Mall. But the picture is years old.

    Politifact asked Pete Piringer, public affairs officer for the D.C. Fire and Emergency Department, if the rally was big enough to fill that space. Piringer said no -- and moreover, the picture can't be from 2009."

    Again, no one is saying it was doctored...just that it wasn't taken on 9/12/2009.

    As for the other link you provided, about people claiming the video is untrue, I do not claim that. Again, I was there. I was there when the march started. That is what really happened. All of those people marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol grounds. But bear in mind that Pennsylvania Avenue is about 1/5 the width of the Mall.

    I did not count the people, I just know where they were. In order to get even 1 million, you would have to completely fill up the Mall, from Capitol to Wash Monument. Since there were no protestors on the Mall at all, I can safely say that there were nowhere near 1 million people there.

  11. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Finally! A picture that shows a complete shot all the way to the Washington Monument:

    You see those big blue busses? That's 3rd St. That's where the people ended. You see the few people walking along side the Mall? Those were a combination of 1) 9/12 protestors, 2) passersby, and 3) people from another event on the Mall. You see all those tents around the Monument? That was from the other event, the 24th Annual Black Family Reunion.

  12. On "Finally" that time was that picture taken?

  13. Anonymous2:55 PM

    80,000 people showed up. Tops.