Monday, September 14, 2009

Defending the 787Billion Dollar Mistake with the Economy

President Barry Soetoro will claim today to that he has pulled the Economy back from the brink. A claim that he and his administration has been making since July 11, 2009. So he won't be saying anything new today. He's just attempting to stave off critics of his failed economic policies. In fact it is same old talking points that he's been using since July.

You want to know what he's going to say later today? Take a look below at this weekly address it'll be approximately the same minus the brief foreign affairs business at the beginning. (see 7:57min video)

By now it should be plain even to the White House that Barry has a credibility problem with the American people. We no longer believe his claims. He has claim against all evidence to the contrary that he’s improved the economy with the 787 Billion dollar stimulus bill (also called the Recovery and Reinvestment Act) of which a little less than 20% has been spent so far.

Mostly all of it spent on government expansion not private sector jobs. The site Pro Publica keeps track of the stimulus spending (see here)

Sen. Chris Dodd (D) Connecticut who was instrumental in creating and passing the stimulus bill now doesn't believe that it is working in his state or nationally. He believes that Congress may have to pass another stimulus bill. (see1:37min video)

President Soetoro promised that if the stimulus bill was passed by Congress he would be able to save or create 3 to 4 million jobs but instead since the stimulus bill was pass America has lost around 2.1 million jobs. (see1:35min video)

Sen. Mitch McConnell(R) and Senate minority leader declared President Soetoro's Stimulus bill a failure and a mistake that is creating massive deficits and a failed economy. (see 1:21min video)

When the president attempts to reassure the American people today that his stimulus policies are working but need more time to work you should know that he is already behind his own deadline for creating 3 to 4million jobs. That and he has not spent any money to this point to create a private sector job.

If there are no jobs being created it would be truthfully hard to say that there is any real sign of recovery. (see previous post)

Today's speech is supposed to be a major speech on the economy. But it will be nothing new. In fact it is very troubling that the president will attempt to continue to push his failed policies as if they are working.

Spending more money on the Democrat pipedream of Universal Health Care will not get us out of this deficit. Nor will the out of control spending which Democrats have passed since Barry Soetoro was elected help get us out of this deficit.

We need a fiscal responsibility that Democrats and Barry Soetoro have already proven they lack. In addition to that we need honestly and integrity restored to government.

The public no longer trusts Democrats and the man who hides information about his birth from the American people to do the right thing. We also believe that your vision and your policies Mr. Soetoro are not good for America, we believe they are leading America in the wrong direction.

And frankly we're getting tired of seeing and hearing from the president every-single-day! The American people need a Martha's vineyard vacation break from the president of the United States.

You can start off by leaving our health care alone, leaving our children alone and leaving our Constitution in tack.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    What do you have to say about ACORN's threat to sue FOX News? I think that ACORN should be encouraged because FOX has dared them.

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    "We need a fiscal responsibility that Democrats and Barry Soetoro have already proven they lack."

    A year ago today the Dow was at 6,440. Today it's at 9.586. A year ago today, Nasdaq was at 1265; today it's at 2,318. A depression has certainly been avoided.

    Regarding unemployment, expect these numbers to be bad into next year, as the Obama administration has repeatedly said. No surprise there. We’re coming out of a deep recession here. But the good news is, the loss of jobs over the past three months was half of what it was 9 months ago.

    As for stimulus money, it certainly is saving teaching jobs. Los Angeles Unified, the nation’s second-largest district, sent layoff notices to 8,850 teachers, counselors and administrators last spring. Bolstered by stimulus money, it recently rehired 6,700 of them. Arizona school districts laid off 7000 teachersin the spring, but stimulus money helped them rehire several thousand. Tucson Unified, for instance, laid off 560 teachers, but rehired 400. Florida’s second-largest system, Broward County schools, fired 400 teachers, but aided by stimulus money, rehired more than 100.

    And as for the health care plan, as more Americans understand the bill, the more they approve. According to Rasmussen today, fifty-one percent now favor passage of the plan, while 46% are opposed. Why? Because Americans are rejecting the death-panel nonsense and are realizing that the economy will not continue to approve until we straighten out health care.

    You seem to think the economy should have totally turned around in 8 months and employment numbers should be better, but after a devastating recession, what I’ve presented above is solid proof that President Obama’s fiscal plans certainly have this country on the right track.

  3. If ACORN has a legitimate claim I'm sure that they will pursue it. Fox News has been made a target by the Left. (Even Soetoro demonizes Fox)

    There is so much corruption connected to ACORN activities for Democrats and Liberals to be affiliated with ACORN in anyway doesn't speak well of either group.

    Those are my thoughts on the subject.

  4. Firstly, out of respect to the Great Barry Goldwater, I must ask that you refrain from referring to Obama as "Barry".

    Secondly, I should hope that ACORN persue their claim especially if it is illegitimate due to the Legal Discovery Process.

    Thirdly (assuming you were fortunate and/or smart enough to read Rothbard's book about the Great Depression), the defunding of ACORN represents part of the necessary liquidation of MALINVESTMENT needed for Economic Recovery.

  5. I know MD, the only thing is unfortunately Obama's name is Barry Soetoro, so sorry I'll have to call him by his name, "Barry"