Friday, November 27, 2009

The Conference About Nothing

"It would be a mistake to conclude that the international community's failure to reach a final treaty in Copenhagen is due to a lack of domestic legislation in the United States," said a senior White House official, who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity.—Lisa Lerer
Like a squabble between jilted lovers the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration and the pro-Global warming international community are spatting about who’s committed to the cause of Global warming. (see story)

But in the spirit of Jerry Seinfeld who’s classic story line about a television show about nothing, Seinfeld's show about nothing, is nothing (no pun intended) compared to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Denmark this coming December. This Conference is literally about nothing because there is no Global warming--there never was. Yet Barry Hussein Soetoro, Europe and the United Nations intend to ratify an agreement among themselves regarding Climate Change. This act—no this conference will be pretentiously important in light of certain recent facts that have surfaced.
The release of e-mails stolen from computers at the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University, UK, reveals that some mainstream scientists have fought dirty in their attempts to call attention to global warming. However, this will not affect the international climate negotiations, according to various media reports.

“The issue of scientists behaving badly does nothing to invalidate the science. This does nothing to the US climate bill, which will be decided mostly by economic forces, not environmental ones.”
—Morten Andersen
If you were wondering how Global warming Alarmists would respond to the email scandal which exposes Climate Change has a fraud. They have admitted to the veracity of the stolen emails from the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University on the official Climate Change Copenhagen website however at the same time they attempt to mitigate the damage by saying that it was just a few mainstream scientists acting badly and fighting dirty to promote global warming. (see story)

Yes according to these facts there is one big problem for the Copenhagen meeting…there is no Climate Change. (see story)

There has never been any Climate Change, not in the fashion that Al Gore has been promoting it, that fact was recently uncovered by documentation of corrupt scientist who invented the whole Climate scare to exact money from the world community.

Yet like the Emperor with no clothes the Obama administration and other pro-Global warming world nations are continuing the pretense that their meeting in Copenhagen means something other than a world shakedown of money. Soetoro and his cohorts are in full “The show must go on” mode! So these duped buffoons would have us all to be duped too.

They will continue to engage in the various dressings and undressings of international agreement while they stand naked before the world while claiming that they are really clothed with the intent to save the planet when what they really are intending to do is fleece the international community as outlined in Heidi Bachram’s Climate Fraud and Carbon Colonialism. (see report)

What is true is Global warming alarmists will be laughingstocks to the world when these so-called leaders gather in Denmark and pontificate on the relevance of the Climate Change treaties which they propose to sign even in light of the fact that they have all been expose as money grubbing charlatans who are attempt to deceive the world populace with junk science and terror stories of cataclysm world devastation.

They still believe that their made up theories of Global warming are enough to be allowed to enslave the people of the world by their world tax on the air that we breath.

Well they are wrong. Their Orwellian attempts to introduce a Carbon tax on the world will not succeed, not even with Barry Hussein Soetoro's participation in this deception.

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  1. "Conference about nothing" is a quite appropriate title for just about everything that Barry is associated with.

    Almost a year later, all that he has accomplished is getting this country further into debt. Nothing else.