Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama Jobs Fraud

Then you get the argument, ‘This is not a Jobs bill this is a spending bill’—What do you think a stimulus is?—President Barry Hussein Soetoro
It was billed as a 787 billion dollar economic stimulus package and when critics said that it wouldn’t work they were roundly ridiculed by Barry Hussein Soetoro himself. (see 50sec. video)

Well one thing that we don’t think a stimulus is, is what Democrats and president Soetoro have done with the economy, seriously!

And don’t get it twisted Barry, George Bush pulled this economy back from the brink not anything that you did. Before you were in office Bush signed a 700 billion dollar bank bailout, and whether or not we agree with bailing out banks, that is what kept the economy from collapsing.

What did you do once you got into office? You perpetrated a 787 billion dollar fraud on the American people and called it stimulus, proving that yours is the most fiscally irresponsible, overpromising and intellectually dishonest presidency ever in the history of the United States of America.

But leaving the aforementioned aside, why did critics of the stimulus plan (rightfully) believe that the Democrat backed 787 billion dollar stimulus package won’t work to begin with? Perhaps it was because written in the bill was a variable cornucopia of costly Democrat pork, social programs and expansions of federal government the likes of which had never been seen before.

Also the stimulus bill was a time released back loaded bill, meaning that even though we need jobs now it wasn’t designed to spend the majority of the money until the 2010 and 2012 elections to help Democrats win elections. Apparently Democrats believe in “Spend it to win it!” By design this bill was asking the question, “What’s jobs got to do, got to do with it,” in Tina Turner like fashion.

In real plain language the Obama Stimulus package was not designed to save or create one single job even though president Soetoro constantly told the American people that it would. It was never meant to. The stimulus package had nothing to do with saving or creating jobs and this bill had nothing to do with stimulating the economy. This bill was a Hollywood Oscar goodie bag for Democrats and nothing else.

So the claims that the Soetoro administration pulled the economy back from the brink or that this administration saved or created 640,329 jobs is as ridiculous as the science behind Global warming. (previous post here)
As a matter of fact, like the made up theory of Global warming, the Soetoro administration has been doing a little making up of its own. The Soetoro administration made up 440 congressional districts in 50 states all to continue the meme that they are, saving or creating jobs, of which 30,000 phony jobs where saved or created.

Caroline Baum reports that, a collection of independent journalists covering state and local government, has put together a “Guide to the Stimulus, District by (Phantom) District.” Overall the group found that 440 phantom districts in 50 states, the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories received $6.4 billion and created or saved (see source)

In Ms. Baum’s commentary found on she communicates that president Soetoro’s job claims have been based on trumped-up numbers and political incompetence. (see story)

This administration does seem to have its problems with math, science, ethics, constitutional law and American history. Though, I’m sure all of their self-esteem is unwaveringly intact due to the fine Liberal education that most of them probably received.

And just for the record Barry what’s become painfully obvious, even for liberals, is just because you spend billions of hardworking taxpayers’ money doesn’t mean that you are stimulating the economy. The point is, Barry neither you nor Democrats were very smart or honest with tax payers hard earned money. But what is obvious is, “It’s the jobs stupid!”

Thus you Mr. Soetoro and Democrats will be calling for a second stimulus or your deceptively labeled “Jobs Initiative” because of your total incompetence with the first 787 billion dollars bill. A bill that you were warned would not create or save jobs because it was a spending bill for Democrat ideological advancement.

What you’ve already perpetuated on the American people Mr. Soetoro is Job Fraud in the name of job creation so at this point there is really no reason to believe that anything that Democrats will do is for anything other than Democrat political advancement.

Democrats have already shown that they place politics above the health, welfare and prosperity of the American people. Democrats also put their political agenda above safety and sovereignty of this nation.

There is only one way to protect this Nation from these partisans, in 2010, 2012 we must do what Democrats hate the most. Vote Democrats out and Republicans in.

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