Monday, November 16, 2009

Just can't send him anywhere, can we!

This is one reason this president shouldn’t be allowed to leave American soil
"I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur"—president Barry Hussein Soetoro
President Barry Hussein Soetoro by his own admission is a man who is concerned with notions. The word ‘victory’ conveys the wrong notion has far as Soetoro is concerned.

So naturally I’m curious about what notion does Mr. Soetoro think he is sending each time he as President of the United States of America curtseys before a foreign monarch?

If in Soetoro’s mind the word victory conveys the wrong notion, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, what notion does pictures of him bowing before the Saudi King and now the Japanese Emperor send?

I’ll tell you what message they send. They send a message of slavery. They send a message of American subservience and obsequiousness to world powers that Soetoro sees on the ascendancy.

I mean it’s just embarrassing that every time we look around president Barry Hussein Soetoro is attempting to drag us back into slavery. Very low bows like the one that Soetoro engaged in to Japan’s Emperor Akihito are a sign of great respect and deference for a superior. (see story)

Bowing is a Japanese custom not an American custom and surely there has to be some presidential advisor somewhere that is informed in the ways of American diplomatic protocol. There has to be someone in the Soetoro administration who can instruct the president in the proper conduct of a U.S. president when meeting foreign leaders.

And yes, I am aware that Liberals have a distorted view of American history, but is there no one in the Soetoro administration that remembers that the Declaration of Independence was penned to express the belief that America and Americans would not be subservient to any Royal power? Doesn’t anyone in the Soetoro administration know that the American revolutionary war was fought to throw off the oppression of monarchical rule? We don’t need a lesson in Japanese History and customs, apparently we need a lesson in American History and customs Mr. Soetoro.

I often find great humor in hearing a non Spanish speaker attempting to put great emphasize on enunciating a Spanish word or name with all the proper accents as if they can speak Spanish as well as a Spanish Speaker, I know you’ve heard someone doing that right? The Anglo pronounced Cesar Calderon becomes César Calderón with the accented pronunciation and everything.

Yet never would anyone have imagined that we would see an America president attempting to out bow the Japanese.

With a deep bow to Emperor Akihito the American president demonstrates that he is totally unafraid of the notion that America is ready to recognize its betters in the world. Yes under Soetoro America is completely ready to submit to greater powers in the world whether they be religious or economic powers.

It's no wonder he is afraid of the word victory. God help the American troops in Afghanistan. I don't think that this president will nor will he recognize the God of Jesus Christ.

After all to him...

The Emperor is God!

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  1. This makes me glad that I am way beyond being eligible for military service. No way would I ever recognise this clown as Commander-In-Chief.