Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Regarding N.Y. Trials:What is it about POWs that Liberals don’t understand?

Attorney General Eric Holder
A prisoner of war (POW, PoW, PW, P/W, WP, or PsW) or enemy prisoner of war (EPW) is a combatant who is held in continuing custody by an enemy power during or immediately after an armed conflict. The earliest recorded usage of the phrase is dated 1660.—Wikipedia (source)
"After eight years of delay those allegedly responsible for the attacks of September the 11th will finally face justice"—AG Eric Holder
Under the Geneva Convention a prisoner of war or a POW is one who is held in continuing custody by an enemy power during or immediately after an armed conflict. Continuing custody means that there is no speedy trial requirement for prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, they may be imprisoned for the duration of the armed conflict.

If a conflict last for 8 to 9 years the prisoner of war, according to the Geneva Convention, can be held for 8 to 9 years and shortly after the conflict is resolved without trial. Any demand to try a prisoner of war when a conflict is ongoing is a totally manufactured demand. Therefore, President Barry Hussein Soetoro’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s New York trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a completely bogus trial. Its real purpose is to embarrass the United States and the Bush administration.

Al Qaeda declared war on the United States of America in 1998. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and co-conspirators plotted and executed an act of war against the United States before and culminating on the date of September 11, 2001. No one can deny that we are still at war with terrorists. One clear indication that we are still at war with terrorists is that president Soetoro hasn’t ended either the Iraq or Afghanistan war as he promised to do during his 2008 campaign.

Khalid Mohammed the purported mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and 4 others were subsequently captured and imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay prison camp according to international law as outlined by the Geneva Convention.
Yet those who sought and are seeking to take political advantage of these events used elements of some of the events that happened at Guantánamo Bay to attack American justice, American sovereignty and American Conservatism.

president Barry Hussein Soetoro and his Attorney General Eric Holder are secretly attempting to use events that occurred at Guantánamo Bay prison by trying these POWs in New York hoping this trial will uncover information that will sic the international Courts on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as their radical Left wing sycophants were promised in the 2008 election. This all according to Andy McCarthy as explained in this piece “Holder’s Hidden Agenda.”

McCarthy believes that the Soetoro/Holder plan is to use the New York trial to expose what the Left believes was wrong doing by the Bush administration so that the international community will be enflamed enough to bring charges against the former administration. Thus casting further aspersions against president Bush and thereby gaining a political advantage for upcoming elections. (see story)
[T]o disclose classified national-defense information from that period, enable Holder to give the hard Left the "reckoning" that he and Obama promised during the 2008 campaign.

It would be too politically explosive for Obama/Holder to do the dirty work of charging Bush administration officials; but as new revelations from investigations and declassifications are churned out, Leftist lawyers use them to urge European and international tribunals to bring "torture" and "war crimes" indictments.

Thus, administration cooperation gives Obama's base the reckoning it demands but Obama gets to deny responsibility for any actual prosecutions.
—Andy McCarthy
Therefore the announcement that AG Eric Holder is going to try the 9/11 co-conspirators and is seeking the Death Penalty on them is not what is really going on with the closing of Gitmo and the terrorists trial. What is really going on is Holder is seeking the death penalty on the United States of America. Oh the Liberal Elite Media is reporting that he is seeking the death penalty on Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four alleged henchmen but as you know with Liberals and Democrats nothing is ever as it seems. This trial is not about the terrorist—this trial puts the Bush administration on trial to fulfill promises to the radicals on Obama’s Leftwing.

Holder claims that these men were denied trial by the Bush administration. But not so, under the Geneva Convention, you remember the Geneva Convention don’t you? The Geneva Convention is rules of war a part of international law that Liberals cite when they wish to undermine American rule of law. First here’s how Holder lays it out why he is trying 9/11 POWs who are terrorist in New York City (see 1:14 min video)

Interestingly no Liberal; Soetoro, Holder or any of them are citing the Geneva Convention as the reason for closing Guantánamo Bay prison or for the subsequent trials of the 9/11 co-conspirators because under the Geneva Convention there is no need for this trial the Geneva Convention maintains that these men are rightfully held until the end of the conflict between America and those who declared war against her. These men declared war against America and they and their cause is still actively engaged in warring against America.( Geneva Convention IV)
Chapter XIII. Release, Repatriation and Accommodation in Neutral Countries
Art. 132. Each interned person shall be released by the Detaining Power as soon as the reasons which necessitated his internment no longer exist.
Art. 133. Internment shall cease as soon as possible after the close of hostilities.
According to the Geneva Convention imprisoning terrorists without trial at Guantánamo is perfectly legal according to international law. According to the Geneva Convention there is no trial warranted for Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his henchmen.

This whole made up crisis is a Liberal manufactured attack against the United States of America meant to destroy America by destroying American law. By the appearance of a trial Eric Holder intends by the normal processes of trial, e.g. discovery, for information to come out which will harm America’s and the previous administration’s image internationally.

Following former Attorney General and Judge Michael Mukasey explains why president Soetoro’s New York trial for the 9/11 terrorist is inappropriate. (see 2min video pt 1)

Part 2 (2min video)

Part 3 (2min video)

Trying POWs of the 9/11 attacks while they are still at war with the United States of America is a construct of the radical Leftwing hate America following of Barry Hussein Soetoro who are still apologizing for America and who still wish to see this country embarrassed so that somehow they will be able to say that they are better than the previous administration.

President Barry Hussein Soetoro is obsessed with Bush Derangement Syndrome and will not rest until he totally discredits George W. Bush. And in his mind, if that means bringing 9/11 terrorist to trial in New York City so that what the Bush administration did while fighting al Qaeda and terrorist can be exposed and totally discredited via a oxymoronic criminal trial of war criminals then Soetoro will do whatever it takes.

This trial is like the 2008 election in Soetoro’s mind. Soetoro made the 2008 election about George W. Bush. This 9/11 terrorist trial in New York City is not about bringing POWs to justice we have Congressional approved military tribunals for that purpose. As I said nothing is ever what it seems with Liberals and the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration.

This trial’s fundamental purpose is to put the actions of the Bush administration, while at war, on trial. Proving once again that Liberals place their political ideology above all else. Even above the safety and sovereignty of this nation.


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Try him in New York City and throw the book at him based on AMERICAN ideals. He will receive the death penalty -- and not under the secret auspices of a military tribunal.

    Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly say bring it on.

    Get this done!

    Shame on you.

  2. Well, this is a very interesting point of view, or better to say an argumentation. Because so far it seems nobody approves this decision to try the terrorist in NY, but it has never been based on some legal grounds, as here on Geneva Convention. Of course there are even some people, who don't want to admit the USA is in war with Afghanistan, but that's a different thing, because such a thinking is just unreasonable, considering how many troops are fighting in that country. Elli

  3. Lets not forget that it is all about money for trial lawyers as well.

  4. RC2: Sure it is, but I would see that as a subsequent one, although as well important. Because if KSM would let lawyers to handle his case and he would get good ones with a good motivation to make their own name out of this (even though perhaps not in a public opinion but for sure for the next cases of criminals with just a few hopes). It only increases the chances that KSM could get acquitted at the trial, which would be rather scandalous. Elli