Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama Lied: Get used to it Europe!

US President Barack Obama came to office promising hope and change. But on climate change, he has followed in the footsteps of his predecessor George W. Bush.

Now, should the climate summit in Copenhagen fail, the blame will lie squarely with Obama.
—Christian Schwägerl
In one of the most scorching excoriations of a fellow Global Citizen Christian Schwägerl writes that Global warming energy strategists and environmentalist are accusing president Barry Hussein Soetoro of lying to Europe when he presented himself as a citizen of the world even above being a citizen of the United States of America when he spoke in Germany prior to his winning election for the U.S. presidency.

In Schwägerl’s article, in the German Spiegel Online, it is quite apparent that Europe expected something from Mr. Soetoro—something that he has yet to deliver on and it’s apparent that Europe’s impatience is showing. (see article)

What demands could Europe have on a U.S. president? And what is it that Europeans are suddenly upset with president Soetoro about? Two words Global Warming.

Global warming is the ultimate bait and switch scheme because it is meant to flip world economic power and dominance away from the United States of America to Europe under the cover of saving the planet.

Surely you’ve noticed the calls to remove the America dollar was the world currency. And surely you’ve noticed the siphoning away of American middle class jobs weakening the American economy.

How is the switch supposed to work? On one level International co-conspirators pretend that they are working to save the planet by signing CO2 reduction treaties in Copenhagen this December. Everyone is supposed to be deceived by the lies that are being told about world famine, drought and suffering Polar Bears caused by Global warming, when the treaties are signed in the name of reducing CO2 emissions (reducing the heating of the planet) However, sinisterly what is also hidden in the treaty is a structure for a world government controlled by Europe.

This will be done by having countries cede their sovereignty away by treaty thus giving the international body, i.e. the United Nations authority to enact and enforce international laws on all countries concerning manufacturing and other internal matters under the cover of reducing CO2 emissions.

And before people of the world are any wiser a Global government is installed based on the treaties (president Soetoro said he would sign) that world leaders would have signed in Copenhagen this December Dec. 7-18 2009.

But wait just a minute. Now world leaders (Soetoro included) are suggesting that they will not sign the Cap and Trade agreement in Copenhagen in Denmark this December and Energy Strategist and Environmentalist are apoplectic, so much so that they are already laying the blame of their failure to implement this one world government at the feet of the United States president Barry Hussein Soetoro. (see story)

Energy strategists and environmentalists have been preparing for two years for a signed treaty because they know that all world industry and energy will be under their control with this signed bill.
Industry and energy companies around the world will use the results of the Copenhagen summit as a benchmark when they are planning their investments for the coming years and decades.—Christian Schwägerl
Who are these strategist and environmentalist? Al Gore and his companies are some of the strategist. However there are indications that these people are all frauds. (see here, here and here)

Even though Europe has failed dreadfully in its attempts of keep Carbon emissions standards from the soon to be defunct Kyoto Agreement they want to tie America’s tax payer base pulled into this fiasco by Soetoro’s signature on the new CO2 reduction treaty.
Europeans have been slow to make concrete pledges of the billions of euros that are needed to help developing countries combat climate change, but at least they are prepared to make significant CO2 reductions of up to 30 percent by 2020, relative to 1990 levels.—Christian Schwägerl
Apparently Europe was depending on president Soetoro to deliver America’s taxpayer’s heads on a silver platter to implement their plans for one world government and it doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough.
Obama has proven himself to be unable to put an end to the lies that modern American society is based on. He is unable to overcome the entrenched lobbyists of the oil and coal industries and make the reality clear to his compatriots: They are the worst energy wasters on the planet -- and are thus indirectly a major threat to world peace in the 21st century.

Although they do not enjoy a higher quality of life than Europeans, Americans consume twice as much fossil fuel per capita. Their cars are too big, their homes are not energy efficient and they have yet to focus their talents for innovation away from trivial entertainment gadgets and toward renewable energy technologies.
America will be seen as the primary culprit of global warming
—Christian Schwägerl
With nothing more than peer pressure the international world is attempting to threaten president Soetoro to comply with it’s timetable in spite of Soetoro’s economic difficulties at home.

Because of Soetoro’s mismanaged Government bailout of Banks, the failed stimulus package, the Government take over of the American Auto industry and now the trillion dollar health care reform that Soetoro and Congress are attempting to force upon the American people it is looking look Soetoro can't meet the European deadline of December to add a global CO2 tax on the American people just yet. (see related article)

What’s troubling for America and European relations is anyone can see that America’s economy is critically wounded yet that doesn’t seem to matter to Europeans who are calling for president Soetoro to sign on to a treaty that would further weaken or even possibly destroy our economy.

What is America to think of that kind of ally? But the question is what are we to think of a president who would even consider signing a treaty that has the potential to destroy our economy in its weaken state?

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