Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama’s Dead Fish Presidency

Soetoro, Michele, Valerie Jarret and Rahm Emanuel

Obama relies on five people, four of whom are Chicagoans. They are Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, David Axelrod and Jarrett, his political advisers, and Michelle, while the fifth kitchen cabinet member is Robert Gibbs, his chief spokesman, who comes from Alabama. -- Christina Lamb
The Barry Hussein Soetoro presidency which is known for its excessive propensity to finger point is getting some fingers pointed back at it as Democrats attempt to assess what’s gone wrong with their opportunity to transform America into the world-wide example of Progressive Left-wing politics as they had hoped this bright young clean African-American without a Negro dialect would do.

Many are blaming his advisors referred to as the “Chicago Mafia” by many. That would also include a writer for the Timesonline, Christina Lamb, in her article entitled, Obama’s ‘Chicago mafia’ blamed for paralysis at the top.

It’s was so nonconventional and refreshing to see someone not blaming the Republicans or George Bush for the Democrat’s self inflicted troubles I had to read Ms. Lamb’s thoughts to why the Greatest presidency ever in the history of the United States (according to the president and his sycophants) was not living up to that billing presently.

Ms. Lamb identifies several sources for the failures that have marked the Barry Hussein Soetoro presidency they are; his advisors, his tactics, his strident partisanship, his unbelievably, his lack of executive experience and his miscalculation of the American people. (see article)
The president consults them on everything. Military commanders were astounded when they participated in Afghanistan war councils and referred to them as the “Chicago mafia”. It was this group that inserted into Obama’s Afghan surge speech the deadline of July 2011 as a date to start withdrawing—Christina Lamb
It seems that the president and his Democrat allies mistook the hatred of George Bush that Democrats had fermented for eight straight years as a mandate to come in and fundamentally change America. Democrats successfully made George Bush a Voodoo Doll which they stuck all of pins of Liberal hate into. However, Bush was just a characterization of Democrat’s larger hate which is the hatred of Conservatism.

Ms. Lamb suggests that Democrats mistakenly thought their own hate was indicative of how the entire country was feeling therefore they could come into office and remake America entirely under their idea of a socialist progressive agenda.

Ms. Lamb notes that it was the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts was the only thing that gave Democrats pause or president Soetoro would have his health care bill signed into law by now.

Whether it is the dead fish tactics of Rahm Emanuel who advises the president or whether it’s the disdain for the American people and American traditions Ms. Lamb notes that more and more Democrats are looking at the source of the paralysis in Washington.

This paralysis starts where it has started for the last nine years with Democrats. Now they have the White house and Congress and are exposed to the disinfection of Sunlight.
Last week a prominent Democratic senator resigned after criticising both government and Congress. Evan Bayh from Indiana, who had never lost a race and was expected to be re-elected in November, complained that the party’s recent loss of the Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy should have been seen as a wake-up call.

“Moderates and independents even in a state as Democratic as Massachusetts just aren’t buying our message,” he said.

“They don’t believe the answers we are currently proposing are solving their problems.”—Christina Lamb
In criticizing both government and Congress Ms. Lamb means the Democrat President and the Democrat controlled Congress!

In other words in spite of all of the lofty rhetoric and the political misdirection and finger pointing the America people now have a clear and unobstructed view of just who is the problem in Washington D.C. They are the reason that Evan Bayh departed and they are the reason for the bitter partisan rancor that we witness in are government.

They are Democrats no matter how much they finger point at Republicans, Democrats are the Dead Fish, Chicago Mafia, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barry Soetoro problem not Republicans.

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