Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stop crying about reconciliation?

An answer to Sen. Harry Reid

Today the Ultra-Partisan Barry Hussein Soetoro meets with Republicans to: a) show them up in front of America like he did the Supreme Court b) force them to accept that there will be his health care reform or there will be political blood c) get something about health care televised on CSPAN d) put the focus and blame on Republicans where Democrats all know it belongs or e) all of the above

A funny little thing happened just days before the great Soetoro vs. Republicans health care debate. It was leaked to the Soetoro press that if there is no agreement reached in the televised on CSPAN health care meeting Democrats will precede with the nuclear option. (Nuclear Option renamed “Reconciliation”  like Global warming was rename to Climate Change ) So no crying you Republicans.

Apparently, Sen. Harry Reid has forgotten about Democrats who cried like big babies about reconciliation in 2005 when Republicans were in the majority. Listen to him misrepresent the case as if Republicans did this kind of stuff all of the time. (see :24sec video)

The fact of the matter is Republicans considered the “Nuclear Option”, as it was called in 2005, when Democrats who used the filibuster in the unprecedented way of preventing president Bush’s nominations to fill court vacancies. Until this time the filibuster was never used to block court appointments.

It was Sen. John McCain and the gang of thirteen that thwarted Republican efforts to put a stop to Democrat’s misuse of the filibuster. Republicans were talking about using the nuclear option or changing the Senate rules that required 60 votes for confirmation to require only 51 votes, a bare majority, to approve Bush’s judicial nominations.

Needless to say Democrats went absolutely apoplectic at the notion that Republicans would change the Senate rules to prevent Democrats from abusing the Senate rules. (Irony noted) Democrats from Barry Hussein Soetoro to Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton and to Harry Reid all cried to the sympathetic media attempting to turn public sentiment against the Republicans. (see 4:54min cryfest)

One of the chief criers Sen. Harry Reid in just 5 short years later and now in power, is himself considered using the “nuclear option” redubbed “reconciliation” if the outcome of the President’s meeting with Republicans today isn’t total capitulation to the president’s demands of Democrat Universal Health Care Plan, which is not so universal not to mention that it costs $950 billion dollars which we don’t have. And will only cover 31 million Americans out of approximately 300million Americans. So much for universal health care coverage and so much for cost savings.

But it’ll be really heavy on the nuclear option or reconciliation hypocrisy! If Democrats use the method that they railed against so condemningly in 2005 against George Bush and his weak Congressional majority then Democrats are no better than Republicans.


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Are you really that stupid? Reconciliation is not now nor ever was the "Nuclear Option" you dimwit. The Nuclear Option was a phrase coined by Republicans when they were considering eliminating the use of the filibuster to block judicial nominees. MORON.

  2. Oww name calling. I bet there’s something intelligent that you wish to convey. Uh I guess not. Here’s why you’re wrong Anon.

    If Democrats successfully invoke reconciliation, such major bills could pass by a simple majority vote, denying Republicans the filibuster, their sole remaining weapon to influence federal policy given the Democratic grip on government.-- CARL HULSE source below

    According to the NY Times, Carl Hulse and everyone else (excluding Democrats and the sycophants who are busily running a run attempting to lie about it) reconciliation and the nuclear option that Republican touted in 2005 have the same bottom line.

    The end result will be that Democrats will pass health care with 51 votes rather than the 60 votes needed to prevent filibuster.

    That was the same purpose of the nuclear option as I stated in the post above. But I suppose you didn’t read it or understand it Genius!

    Whether you refer to it as reconciliation or the nuclear option 51 votes instead of 60 votes is the goal of both actions. To all thinking people that is the same thing!