Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Police break law aid and abet Homosexuals harass Church Service

Homosexuals protest Chicago’s holy Name Cathedral CHICAGO, 1-10-2009

Police refused to interrupt the demonstration, despite laws that prohibit protesting near places of worship while services are ongoing.—James Tillman
Outrageous! If you ever get arrested breaking the law in Chicago just threaten to sue each police officer personally. That should make the police drop everything and stand idly by just to watch you commit your crime and then allow you to go home without being arrested. Oh you think that wouldn't happen?

That's exactly what Chicago police did when homosexuals protested a Mass held at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral. Homosexuals were in violation of the Chicago Municipal Code which states that someone is punishable for disorderly conduct whenever he "pickets or demonstrates on a public way within 150 feet of any church, temple, synagogue or other place of worship while services are being conducted."

Last Valentine’s day February 14, 2010 a Chicago Catholic Church and its parishioners were celebrating marriage renewals. That’s when they were purposely targeted by the Chicago branch of the Homosexual hate group, the Gay Liberation Network (GLN). (see story) (see 2:56min video)

Since the 1970’s Homosexuals have inappropriately used the civil rights movement—a movement that was created by Blacks who are descendants of slaves and sufferers of White Supremacy and Jim Crow laws which denied Blacks of humanity and civil rights. Homosexuals took the language and the experience of the Black Civil rights movement and created a whole new genre of never before seen “rights” regarding homosexuality.

In its over 30 years of creating and expanding on the right to be homosexual, somewhere in the redefinition of rights, homosexuals mostly through their advocacy groups have became militant bigoted haters who will stop at nothing to push the homosexual agenda of normalization of homosexuality at all levels of society.

Incidentally that is why “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” the policy that regulates homosexual conduct in the military is being challenged under a Democrat president and Democrat controlled Congress. If the military can be co-opted by the homosexual movement then it is reasoned by homosexuals and their advocacy groups that they can infiltrate the entire social structure, political, business, and public of America.
The Chicago Municipal Code states that someone is punishable for disorderly conduct whenever he "pickets or demonstrates on a public way within 150 feet of any church, temple, synagogue or other place of worship while services are being conducted."

When Doherty asked an officer why they were permitting the protest to continue immediately outside the cathedral, she recounts, he "said that the organizer of the protest currently has 20 lawsuits pending against the city of Chicago and he tends to name officers personally as defendants in his civil suits."
For this reason, says Doherty, he went on to say that "unless the Commander gave explicit instructions to move the protestors to the other side of the street, he intended to do nothing."—James Tillman
If homosexuals can break laws under the pretence of civil rights and if homosexuals can hatefully attack, threaten and bully churches and synagogues with impunity all the while spewing the very hate that they accuse their opponents of then there is a double standard in law where homosexuals are considered to have greater rights than everyone else. Not equal rights.

If they can do all of this while police who are sworn to uphold the law stands by because they are threaten and afraid of being named in a law suit then America has been changed we are no later a nation of laws. America is officially a hope and change Non-Constitutional Oligarchy.

But I suspect every day you are slowly coming to that realization on your own. Just as I have.

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  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    IF the law was to shoot all 'homosexuals' is that what you would expect the gestapo to do? Even though you know it's wrong to murder, if it were law, would you expect them to do so?

    SO just because it's a law to protest further down the street doesn't make it right. The fact that the police let them have their constitutional right of free speech is perfectly fine by me.