Sunday, February 07, 2010

The "Primo-Pol's Polls"

Looks as though the "state-of-the-union" numbers bounce has
all but evaporated.

I had previously commented on the sickly state of the speech
that President Obama gave. Saying it was nothing more than a
re-hash of a dozen other speeches,
bit by bit. I was quite
surprised to see such a bounce in his numbers in the days
immediately following the speech, and even more shocked that
it carried through to this past week.

But NOW, it looks as though the bloom is once again off the
so to speak. His numbers are really tanking now.

Of course, it might not have anything to do with the fact that
his past is coming back to haunt him, in the name of Sarah Palin.
She was absolutely stunning as the keynote speaker at the "Tea
Party Convention"
............. a grim reminder of what he is up
against once more. The BIG difference is that in the past year,
Ms Palin has become very astute and tuned into the issues of the
, and it is now much more difficult for the lame-stream media
to paint her as some kind of out-of-touch hick!

Actually.........side by side comparison of Sarah Palin and
President Obama
, shows that there is no contest at all. She whips
his butt, hands down! She has more common sense, more principle,
and certainly more tact
in not only her manner, but her ideas and
her ability. She has actually run things for years, while he was
"making nice" to build a political future, as a politician. I will
admit that he has accomplished his goal very nicely. He managed
to con an entire country,
and is now in the process of dismantling
not only the United States control of the internet, but our very
He would dismantle a health care system that is the
envy of the world, a security and stock market system that has built
this country into the most viable investment machine ever known.

No one will question that we have our faults, but by and large this
country has no equal on this earth. Letting this faux president stay
at the helm is the biggest mistake in the history of mankind. What
we need is competent leaders.........not former organizers, backed
up and advised by even less qualified morons.

It is very ironic that the far left demonized former President Bush;
accused him of awarding no-bid contracts for our defense, of having
lobbyists in his cabinet, of bringing us into Iraq on false pretenses,
and accused him of war crimes. Now, the shoe is on the other foot,
and THIS so-called president is awarding no-bid contracts to his cronies,
has more lobbyists than Bush had, expanded the war in Afghanistan, and
is certainly setting himself up to be accused of war crimes.

So, what goes around comes around.

My biggest dispute with President Obama is his constant reference to
the "inherited deficits" that seem to be the focal point of ALL his
speeches. I guess that was a phrase that they just couldnt delete
from the teleprompter
. Damn these computers!

It is true that when Obama took office, he inherited a 1.6 trillion
So where did the rest come from? Oh yes...... the "Stimulus
Plan" that was no stimulus at all. It was a big payoff to the unions,
and his home state, and all the earmarks that went to the democratic
senators states..... for their support. Then, they have the unmitigated
gall to try to stuff that "health care reform" down our throats
, even
though it was clear that nobody wanted it. Actually, I guess Sarah
Palin has the far left democrats to thank for her popularity. She was
one of the most influential people to speak out against it, initiating
a response that has only just begun, and will culminate in 2012

My warning to ALL the liberal politicians in the Senate and the House. BE AFRAID very afraid.
We are coming for you, starting THIS NOVEMBER
won't be dissuaded from our mission, to figuratively "tar & feather" you. If it were up to me,
I would literally have most of
you tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, as many of our
forefathers did prior to the American Revolution.

So Mr President. Enjoy your "good" poll numbers now, because they are going to sink like a rock!

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