Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And You Thought it was Just a Health Bill

This of course was a Health bill. It was also a Jobs bill, an economic recovery bill, it was deficit reduction bill, it was anti-discrimination bill. It was truly a bill of rights. And now it is the law of the land.—Sen Harry Reid
"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."--Jesus the Messiah Lk 23:34
The healthcare bill that your Congress and your president just signed into law is a little bit of this and a little bit of that according to Sens. Harry Reid and Max Baucus. It’s a jobs bill, an economic recovery bill, a deficit reduction bill, a student loan bill, an anti-discrimination bill and oh yeah it’s a health bill too. (see 46secs Video)

Sen. Baucus (see 47 sec video)

This is in fact a timed release stealth bill meant to minimize; cost, tax increases and its punitive nature only in its beginning.  And that is to lessen its impact on president Soetoro’s reelection bid.  This bill is designed to come into full realization only after president Soetoro secures a second election if in fact he can.

The bills have been carefully crafted so that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) can declare them cost-saving. But in reality, patients would be responsible for an additional $210 billion in direct costs over the 10-year budget projection window and an even greater increase in total costs.

This information comes from the CBO itself but it isn't included in the analysis of health care reform, because the figure was surreptitiously tagged onto another bill.— Nirit Weiss

Many of you don’t know its name. It is officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And it is 906 pages of treachery against the America people. It is an omnibus bill chuck full of surreptitious legislation that does things which the American people are not aware. If they were made aware of the many damaging aspects of this bill many of them would fight to repeal it and further fight to end the careers of those who made this un-Constitutional and unethical bill possible.

Contrary to what the president says this bill will raise your premiums.

"When it becomes law, families will save on their premiums," President Obama declared in his weekly radio address before Christmas, pitching his health care reform.

If only that were so. Nobody who tracks health insurance sees any sign of softening premium prices for people who already have insurance, ObamaCare or not. Premiums for 2010 were up 10% and are predicted to keep growing at the same rate in coming years.-- David Whelan

This bill is un-constitutional, this bill pays off unions, this bill nationalizes health care and this bill is headed for numerous law suits challenging its constitutionality.

There should be multiple lawsuits brought before the U. S. Supreme Court to strike down this unconscionable and unconstitutional Democrat power grab.

50 states should declare their sovereign rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments, thumb their noses at an arrogant federal government that is hopelessly out of control and refuse to implement any provision of the Health Care Bill. Obama care should be DOA in every state legislature in America.

Employers, at every level, and en masse, should vehemently resist this takeover of the free market and refuse to participate in any manner on behalf of their employees.

Insurance companies should tell the federal government to go to Hell and stop all insurance coverage in protest until the government capitulates to the will of a free people.

Doctors and other health care providers should cease providing any coverage to anyone until the Federal Government cries uncle and backs down. --Ron Ewart

And finally your medical records will be exposed to risk, e.g. hackers and government agencies particularly the IRS

Mr. Obama said in his 2009 speech, "will cut waste, eliminate red tape and reduce the need to repeat expensive medical tests [and] save lives by reducing the deadly but preventable medical errors that pervade our health-care system."

But electronic medical records won't accomplish any of these goals if patients fear sharing information with doctors because they know it isn't private. When patients realize they can't control who sees their electronic health records, they will be far less likely to tell their doctors about drinking problems, feelings of depression, sexual problems, or exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. --DEBORAH C. PEEL

This bill was forged in secret behind closed doors. It is over nine hundred pages that no one has read voted on in a straight partisan manner signed by hyper partisan president and this bill is much, much more than health care as told by Sens. Reid and Baucus.

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