Monday, March 29, 2010

When a Liar calls someone a liar

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner
This is the problem with this debate. Things that are made up and then no opportunity for someone to clarify—Congressman Anthony Weiner
Congressman Anthony Weiner is as good as, if not better than any other Democrat that is currently lying about Obamacare, the healthcare reform which Democrats have recently made law. Democrats have constructed a “Debunk the Truth” approach to defend everything that they are doing to change America as we know it.

The debunking the truth approach is the basic exchanging of reality as we currently know it to a reality more in keeping with what Democrats think reality should be in a Liberal Fascist Utopia.

The way that we get to the Liberal Fascist Utopia is for Democrats to clarify our misunderstandings about the world in which we live. In other words, you mustn’t use your education, your ability to reason, your capacity for logic or your common sense. You have only to accept what a Liberal Democrat says is the truth about a matter above what the facts are and we are there, a Liberal Fascist Utopia.

In that effort Democrats have decided to use the tactic of calling anyone who attempts to get to the truth of what Obamacare, or any other of their changes to our government, liars.

By so labeling these concerned Americans; confused, misinformed and dishonest liars Democrats throw the health care debate into a realm in which their less than capable constituency can't fathom who is really telling the truth.

Moreover by using the puerile tactic, “I’m not a liar, you’re a liar” exchange Democrats are confusing the issue of health care reform for their sycophantic followers. According to Democrats their mission is to “debunk” the wrong and false things said about Obamacare. Their method is to filibuster every conversation with a number of dishonest rhetorical maneuvers.

First they attempt to establish themselves as the truth; second they attempt to establish their opponents as mistaken, wrong, dishonest, unreasonable, unclear about the facts or they simply intimate that their opponents are just plain liars.

When you say something -- it is no different than any of the various things we have in our life. If you go littering and that's a $50 fine, no one is following you around to get your litter.

Why is this such a difficult concept?—Congressman Anthony Weiner-- Attempting to draw a false parallel between laws governing littering and the Democrat new health care law

See several of these ploys in action as used by the smooth talking New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. (Warning the following video is extremely frustrating for those of you that who appreciate truth and honest debate.) (See 5:45 min video)

As Bill O’Reilly discovered there is no reasonable discussion with a Democrat that is in “debunk the truth” mode as Congressman Weiner was clearly in.

Apparently being called a liar disturbed O’Reilly so much that he felt he had to revisit the issue just to establish that he was not lying or mistaken about the facts. (see 4:21min video)

Ironically there is one thing that Congressman Weiner said that is absolutely true. The problem with this debate is things are being made up and then there is no opportunity for someone to clarify.

Democrats have used the bully pulpit of the White house, their majority in Congress and the Liberal media to make up things that are complete lies about Obamacare and there is no opportunity for someone, anyone to clarify these lies.

Those who attempt to clarify are simply mislabeled as liars as was Bill O’Reilly by Congressman Weiner. It’s simply Orwellian when a liar calls someone a liar!

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