Friday, March 26, 2010

O’Donnell and Garofalo demonstrate Dead Reckoning

You heard of a term called Dead Reckoning, is a Navigational term usually used in Maritime law. And what it is when you decide to figure out where you’re going base on where you are, right now and where you’ve been, rather than using navigation tools.

Sometimes it’s used when people don’t have access to navigation tools or they don’t use the stars. And what happens is they tend to get lost. Because they are frequently going from a false premise they’re already lost. And they’re under the impression that they are somewhere.

I don’t know if I’m articulating this correctly, dead reckoning, but if you go from a false premise which a lot of Conservatism does. And then you move on from there, you’re going to continue to stack falsehood from falsehood.
And a lot at sea when people get lost allot is because they use dead reckoning they are making assumptions about where they are and where they’ve been.

Because they don’t have navigational tools at the ready and then they keep going wrong. Does that make sense? And I feel like people like Elizabeth Hasselbeck and a lot of right-wingers, dead reckoning is the problem. The point of origin is false.
–Janeane Garofalo
Rosie O’Donnell and Janeane Garofalo are conditioned like the left-wing radicals that occupy the White house. What is ironic is Garofalo uses false premises about Conservatives to explain her theory of Conservative Dead Reckoning. To them Conservatives are wrong insensitive mindless sycophants that resist truth.

Of course truth as the two of them and the far-left progressive radicals that are in charge of our government see it. So to hear the two give their biasly skewed view of Conservatives and Conservatism is entertaining on one hand and frightening on the other. (see 5:09min video)

Hearing O’Donnell and Garofalo speak shows that there is no chance for Liberal and Conservative bipartisanship and neither should there be because the two are mutually exclusive.

This president, his administration and the Democrat controlled Congress for an entire year has shown Americans that they have contempt for Americans that do not share their liberal progressive values. They have also shown Americans that they mean to destroy Conservatism which they disagree with and Conservatives whom they believe are incorrigibly wrong insensitive and resist to truth. Their truth.

These two women would be funny if the president of the United States didn’t think just like them. For example he has singled out Rush Limbaugh and his has called out Fox News like them. He is no different than O'Donnell and Garofalo.


  1. O'Donnell and Garofalo are nothing more than obnoxious chimps that serve as distractions
    to mask the real agenda.

  2. Here is a link for anyone that cares enough to end the tyranny in Washington.