Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jobs and the Real Slow Learner

President Barack Obama speaks to workers at a Caterpillar plant about creating jobs and stimulating the economy February 12, 2009 in East Peoria, Illinois.

I gotta tell you this and everybody says that I shouldn’t say it, but I gotta tell you the way it is. This president is a real, slow, learner. — Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman
In his State of the Union address just months ago president Barry Hussein Soetoro said that he “gets it” America and that his focus will be on jobs. Yet after an unsuccessful first year of pushing his health care bill—a bill that Americans come out in major opposition against last summer, the president still hasn’t learned. He is continuing his health care push. He is doing this in spite of the fact that he and Democrats claimed that they would work on the behalf of the American people to create jobs.

The president gets it, so do we. The president said that jobs is the number one issue before us in 2010 and we can’t agree more. In fact the three top issues on our agenda this year are, jobs, jobs and jobs.—Sen. Charles Schumer
(see 2:14min video)

So what is this president doing? He is continuing his Obamacare quest and he is starting up an attempt to get Illegal Aliens amnesty legislation passed.

These things are the far left Progressive’s trifecta; Universal Health Care, Gay’s in the Military (which he proposed weeks ago) and Illegal Alien amnesty. This is every dream and agenda item that Liberals Democrats and Progressives have attempting to force on the American people for decades.

And most of these things are job killers. The very antithesis of what our nation and economy needs now is a multi-trillion dollar health care burden on tax payers, or 40 million Illegals granted citizenship. (This is an obvious attempt to curry favor with special interest Hispanic groups.)

Illegals will undoubtedly weigh on an alright strained economy, or they will negatively affect our jobs market and health care cost while skewing U.S. elections toward more Liberal policies which in turn will surely continue our downward spiral into socialism and big government.

All of these Liberal Progressive acts will irreparable damage America in the long term so that Democrats can make short term gains. These are careless and reckless goals of the Democrat Party.

Goals much like president Soetoro’s careless and reckless words that devastated the economy of Las Vegas, Nevada. Where twice the president admonished Americans not to go spend money in Las Vegas in response the mayor of La Vegas Oscar Goodman had a few choice words for the president. (see 1:43min video)

Yes mayor Goodman Barry Hussein Soetoro is a very slow learner indeed!

Just like Vice president Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned us in the 2008 campaign when they both told us he was not ready to be president… they were right!

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