Monday, March 15, 2010

Democrats and their Health Care Bill will Destroy this Nation

By Michael Ramirez

It makes me weep when I realize our Nation is being destroyed from within…
The leadership of the Democrat Party have become exactly what they said they said they were running against. They have become exactly what we all ran against. You can’t effectively govern this country without the consent of the governed.

The entire Nation has said let’s rewrite the health care bill. Let’s find what we can all agree upon. ‘No, no, no, no we’re going to ram this down the throats of the American people and anyone who stands in the way of doing that, is going to be smeared and they’re going to be kicked out of Congress and we’re going to have people like Steny Hoyer lying in the Press.’
–Former Democrat Congressman Eric Messa
It’s being called the final push for health care. What it really is, is an example of what happens when Liberals or Progressives come to power. Democrat’s health care reform is Fascism hidden in a white medical lab coat and we all know it.

The only question remaining is will Democrats successfully convince enough Democrats to betray this country for a short term victory to aid Democrat Party leaders while helping the president, who has vowed to fundamentally unloosen American from its Constitutional moorings, passing this health care reform bill will be the beginning of that fundamental change.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi confidently boast that she and Democrats will pass health care reform. (see 1:30min video)

Of course the brow beating, arm twisting, coercion, bribes and changing of Congressional rules that Pelosi, Reid and Obama are using to force this rejected (by the American People) bill through Congress and on the American people is not indicative of hope and change promised.

These tactics are indicative of desperate Pols who intend to spread their un-American ideological agenda on a yet unsuspecting America which still believes that this is nothing more than a mere political partisan fight rather than the very undermining of the United States of America that it really is.

Sen. Scott Brown explains what this bill actually means in the GOP weekly address. (transcript) (see 5:26min video)

Finally former Congressman Eric Massa who claimed that Democrats forced him out of the Congress because of his no vote (which would have been able to stop this) tells a story of the complete corrupting of our government by the Progressives who are now in control. ( 4:17min audio)

Former Congressman Massa’s abrupt exit from Congress is indicative of the power of those who will stop at nothing to fundamentally change America. Let’s remember that one of the reasons that homosexuality was frowned on in the military and government is because it was thought that an individual could be compromised by their homosexuality.

Apparently the original thoughts for excluding homosexuals from the military and government were correct, because Democrats did in fact used Congressman’s homosexuality against him to blackmail him and force him out of Congress. Just as it was believed could happen. It did happen!

Using homosexuality against a Democrat to pass health care reform shows that Democrats will stop at nothing to pass this Fascist legislation.

It also shows that Democrats put their Fascist ideology above the good of this Nation just as they did when they opposed the war in Iraq and said in was lost.

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