Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You got to know when to Hold ‘em, right Attorney General?

AG Eric Holder and President Soetoro

Justice Department officials say that when senators were considering Eric Holder's nomination to be attorney general last year, he didn't given them all the legal briefs he had signed from his time in private practice.—The Associated Press
Being confirmed Attorney General of the United States of America is a tricky thing. It’s a little like playing poker. You gotta hold your cards close to the vest. In AG Eric Holder’s situation one had to hold seven cases, which he was involved doing legal work for terror detainees, close to the vest and out of view of the Senate committee that was considering confirming him to the position of Attorney General.(not that in would have mattered anyway) (see article)

As part of the confirmation process, Holder submitted a list of all such legal briefs to the committee. But that list did not include filings in seven cases.—The Associated Press
And here the real beauty of AG Holder’s deceit, if by chance or by purpose, it ever becomes a problem or if it ever comes up that he withheld information in order to be confirmed (because it is now after the fact and he’s already in office) there is not much anyone can do about it, now is there?

So now he can reveal to the Democrat controlled Senate Judiciary Committee that he had a little “ ‘lapse’ in turning over copies of the legal filings” at his confirmation and his mentioning it now will suffice to put all right with the world as Democrats, Liberals and Progressives see it.

And then there the matter of the “al Qaeda7” part of the nine attorneys that AG Holder has employed in the DoJ which Holder refused to name or even to tell the America people if these attorneys are in any way, shape or form working on terrorists related matters since these attorneys defended terrorists while in private practice. (see :48sec video)

Employing these attorneys has Investors.com asking, DOJ: Department of Jihad?
What’s even more curious is the fact that Holder would not give the names of these attorneys yet he was considering charging the Bush attorneys who give advice regarding what constituted torture with criminal offenses. (see article)

A new Justice Department report about Bush lawyers who legitimized torture techniques is "devastating," a source tells The Daily Beast's Scott Horton, and contrary to The New York Times, criminal charges aren't off the table—Attorney General Eric Holder just has to make up his mind.—Scott Horton
Foxnews has reported that the nine DoJ attorneys possibly recruited by Holder with possible conflict of interest because they worked to defend terrorists in their private practice are:
Jonathan Cedarbaum, now an official with the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department
Joseph Guerra, now Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General at the Justice Department
Eric Columbus, a former WilmerHale attorney who is now senior counsel in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.
Karl Thompson, an official with the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department
Tali Farhadian, now an official in the Office of the Attorney General,
Beth Brinkmann, now Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department’s Civil Division
Tony West, the Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil Division.
Neal Katyal, Principal Deputy Solicitor General
Jennifer Daskal, National Security Division Attorney (source)
Assistant DoJ Attorney General Ron Weich defending the nine Justice Department lawyers who previously represented terror suspects, said that they contributed to court briefs in detainee-related cases or otherwise helped advocate for detainees. Weich added that he thought that any suggestions of a "conflict of interest" are "an apparent misapprehension" of legal standards, adding that all political appointees have taken pledges to meet ethical standards.

That’s right this administration and this Congress are supposed to be the most ethical in the history of the United States according to Nancy Pelosi and Barry Hussein Soetoro.

The fact of the matter is the Attorney General of the United States of America withheld information from the Senate Judiciary Committee responsible for confirming him to office which is a gross violation of ethical standards. How anyone connected with the DoJ can be speaking about ethical standards after that is beyond me.

It’s time for Eric Holder to know when to fold them and just walk away!

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