Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Democrats Defending Health Care Badly

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fl)

Worried? Democrats should be. By all indications their messaging isn't working the way they'd planned. Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida is another wind-up Obamabot who will unflinchingly spout the Party line when sent out to defend the realm, which consist of Democrat ideological positions.

Democratic party officials have reportedly warned their swing-district members that they cannot avoid talking about the health-care bill during the Easter recess:
“You don’t run away from this,” said one top party aide who has advised lawmakers and their staffs in the House about the recess strategy. “We have told them: ‘You need to go talk about it. You need to go out there and go on the offensive on it. You will not be able to turn public opinion immediately, but the key is your constituents understand your rationale for supporting it.’”—Daniel Foster
Democrats were told that during their Easter recess from Congress they couldn’t hide from what they have done to the American people when they voted for and passed their strictly partisan health care law. Democrats were instructed to go forth and defend the new health care law so Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz did.

Now this video tells you the real story. After attempting to completing control the narrative; CNN interviews Wasserman Schultz, by first establishing the issues of “threats” against her, an obvious attempt to put her in the victims category, and then CNN shows how the organizers of Wasserman’s town hall Easter recess meeting took great pains to keep all of the dread loony tea partiers on the outside of the meeting while surrounding Wasserman with only supportive loving Democrat Health care well-wishers, but in spite of all of that something strange happened.

In a completely pro Democrat and controlled “tea partier free” environment Congresswoman Wasserman’s meeting was disrupted by people, her constituents, who didn’t support or appreciate what she and her Congress colleagues have done by passing their partisan health care law.

One of Ms. Wasserman’s constituents was even escorted out of the meeting by armed police (see 1:59min video)

In yet another example of Democrats defending Health Care badly Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, what was it about the American people telling Democrats, last summer in town hall meetings all across this country, that the American people didn’t want your health care law that you didn’t understand?

You and a Democrat Controlled Congress and a Democrat President didn’t listen to us and now you’re back attempting to explain yourselves by employing fascist tactics to quash debate?

It’s clear that even at a completely staged meeting Democrats can’t defend the indefensible. In what is just another example of Democrats defending health care badly!

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