Friday, April 02, 2010

When being a Birther was Cool

Article II of the Constitution states that "no person except a natural born citizen . . . shall be eligible to the office of president." At least three pending cases are challenging McCain's right to be sworn in as president.-- Michael Dobbs
You may not remember this but way back in 2008 it was cool to be a Birther. That’s right even the mainstream media in 2008 were Birthers. They openly questioned whether or not a presidential candidate was qualified under the second amendment of the Constitutional to be president of the United States of America.(see article)

Of course that presidential candidate wasn’t technically born in the United States of America.  So one of those radical Birthers filed one of many lawsuits that were filed to protect the constitution and block a potential usurper from becoming president of the United States of America. That my friends is when being a Birther was considered cool!

You may already know the name of that foreign born person who wanted to be president of the United States of America. If some of you don’t, his name is Senator John Sidney McCain III.

Follow is a list of mainstream media that reported the story; NYT,MSNBC, WSJ and others and here all raised the eligibility question. Also here is one of the many law suits filed meant to prevent Sen. McCain from becoming president. The complaint was filed by a citizen by the name of Fred Hollander.

I believe that Sen. John McCain is perhaps the only presidential candidate in history that had to use his mother to verify his birth. (see 1:01min video)

Amazingly the 2008 Birthers successfully gained access to the long and short birth certificates of Sen. McCain see here and here.

I also found that did a kind of fact gathering report on Birther activity surrounding the McCain candidacy. As well I found Libertarian Robert Werden’s reason why he would never vote “for a person who is questionably walking a fine line on the founding fathers rule of Presidential eligibility.” I must assume that Mr. Werden completely sat out of the 2008 elections. (see article)

What I learned is, it was considered cool to be a “Birther” in 2008 so why are Democrats, Liberals and president Barry Hussein Soetoro attempting to diss so-called Birthers now? Humm?


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I agree with you, except for your suggestion that McCain was only "technically" not born in the United States of America. Even if McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, and not Panama itself, the Zone was NEVER US territory, judged in terms of nationality law or the Framers' constitutional intent.

    As for Obama: from the information grudgingly and contemptuously released by Hawaii Dep't of Health through UIPA (Hawaii FOIA) to concerned members of the public we may reliably deduce that Obama was NOT born in the United States and, under 1961 law, his mother was not old enough to transmit US citizenship abroad. Obama is an illegal alien who is soon to give amnesty to at least 12 million other illegal aliens. This should guarantee His Party political and cultural hegemony for a generation.

    Please note that the past participle of the verb "sit out" is "SAT". Analogously, "we will choose the candidate who best suits our needs" would not in the past tense become "we chose the candidate who best suit our needs".

    You're drawing from the common (but equally ungrammatical) substitution of "fit" for "fitted"; in which case we're reduced to the apparent tautology of "he was so fit he fit" when we intend to say "he was so fit he fitted".

    As your epigraph from Greenberg very truly observes: "the corruption of language...lead[s] to the further corruption of man". Look to the White House and Congress to see what such corruption has brought us.

  2. Typical double standard Lieberals.

    Here is another shining example. Pure scum.

  3. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Did you pull this from WND?