Thursday, May 13, 2010

Be Careful, "Mexifornia"!

I can't believe the outright stupidity of some
of the people of California!!! Whoever the "brain" of
the planned boycott of Arizona is, he or she is not the
brightest bulb in the box.

If this illegal immigration problem were strictly
, I could understand what they are trying to
do. However, the entire country is riled up
over a situation that the Obama administration has no intention
of least not until after the
mid-term elections....... and for obvious

With more than 70% of the country squarely behind Arizona
and it's hard-working and dedicated legal residents,
California is risking the ire of the entire country.
Obviously the "open border" advocates of the "Sunshine State" did
not do their homework, or for that matter, didn't even attend class.

Don't be so hasty my left-wing friends. Oh ye
that wields the "sword of revenge", may cut off thine own testicles!

What you are proposing to use against the people of Arizona is dangerous.
The vast majority of this country, who support Arizona,
it's Governor, and it citizens, might not just stand by while
you attempt to blackmail that state into "submission".

It will be from people like myself and the average working
in the rest of the country, that will come a boycott
of California
.....starting with the Pelosi Vineyards and your wine
business in general. From there, it will be an easy step to boycott the
entertainment business based in California, and on and on and on.

If I were a California politician or even a resident,
I would give very careful consideration before participating in such
We are, after nation under
.....and it is OUR NATION, not Mexico's!!!!

If you choose to divide it with vote-pandering to the Hispanic
by coming to the "aid of the illegals"... and
making false claims of "racism"....DO SO AT YOUR PERIL.
You are already drowning in red ink, you may also drown in your wine.

I side with Arizona!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm all for boycotting California products. Count me in,
    when it's time to start!. Any state that produces a piece of rotten fruit like Pelosi, deserves to be boycotted.