Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gulf Spill is Obama’s 9/11

Underwater shot of the Greatest Oil Disaster in History

The Obama administration is facing a rising tide of anger against its handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and acknowledged on Sunday that it did not have the technical capabilities to step in and fix the gusher on its own.

Under scrutiny, the White House delivered mixed messages about BP’s role in the Gulf of Mexico disaster.
-- Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Anna Fifield (source)
The Progressive Barry Hussein Soetoro administration was supposed to usher the United States of America into the 21st century by doing everything better, cleaner, smarter, more ethical and more transparent than the previous administration or (for that matter) any administration in the history of our country. Remember “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” said an arrogant and dismissive candidate for the presidency.

So imagine the angst that the Soetoro administration must be feeling right now because president Soetoro announced in March 2010 that his administration would condone drilling for oil off of the East Coast of America, coincidentally and in close proximity to that announcement on April 20, 2010 America experienced the greatest eco-environmental oil disaster in the history of United States of America in the Gulf of Mexico.

The sense of helplessness may turn into a big political problem for Barack Obama, elected president on a promise that he would be more competent and responsive in times of national crisis than his predecessor, George W. Bush.
An editorial in The Times-Picayune, a New Orleans newspaper, castigated the administration on Sunday for appearing “timid” in its dealing with BP since the rig explosion.-- Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Anna Fifield

First, it’s like president Soetoro flew planes into his own ideological twin towers of one finding and using new clean sustainable energy sources and two regulating companies that cause needless harm to our environment.

No doubt the president has angered those on the left by announcing that drilling would be an integral part of his administration’s energy plan.

Crude gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and washing ashore in Louisiana is exposing how ill-prepared the U.S. has been to respond to a major offshore oil spill.

In the fight to limit environmental damage from the month-old spill—which is on track to rival the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in size—BP PLC executives, government officials, and scientists are learning as they go, even though the industry has been drilling in the Gulf for decades and has 77 rigs operating there, according to ODS-Petrodata, a research firm.-- JEFFREY BALL, STEPHEN POWER and NEIL KING (source)

Second, it doesn’t bode well for the president that he continued the previous administration’s relationships and practices with big oil by sticking to very slack safety regulation enforcement. It’s not so easy to finger point when your administration was found doing the same things that the previous administration did in relations to big oil.

It is reported that oil companies received permission to drill oil starting in January 2009 and continued to receive permission to drill for offshore oil as late as May 2010 by the New York Times. Uh Mr. president were you not inaugurated in January of 2009? (see previous post)

The Huffington Post reports that the under president Barry Hussein Soetoro the United States faces the greatest oil spill in history. What is worse than this oil spill, as disastrous as it is, is the Soetoro administration’s response to it. The Soetoro administration’s response is being called the most inept response to a disaster made by any previous administration.

This present administration’s response is being said to be worse than even the Bush administration response to the Katrina and Rita hurricanes. (see story)

No matter how the Soetoro administration attempts to blame British Petroleum for this spill as Bill Maher said Barry Hussein Soetoro owns this disaster. It happened on his watch, it happened because of his support for drilling, it happened because of the lax oil drilling policies of the Soetoro administration and it happened because British Petroleum or BP was receiving special treatment because of cronyism and favoritism given by the Soetoro White house.

This is the greatest environmental disaster in the history of the United States of America and it would be reported that way if Bush were still president.

Bush is not president, Barry Hussein Soetoro is, and this oil spill, this eco-environmental disaster, this eco-system terrorism is like 9/11 to our environment.

This oil spill is Barry Hussein Soetoro’s 9/11!

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