Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama’s Daughter Knows who to Blame

Headed for another Vacation?

“Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?”

That’s the first thing that president Barry Hussein Soetoro said his daughter asked him Wednesday morning. Subsequently it has been reported Wednesday night that all efforts to “Top Kill” or plug the hole with mud have halted and the catalytic spill continues. Efforts have failed. No, sweetie Daddy didn’t plug the hole. (see article)

Whether it’s fences along the U.S. border or blown oil platform leaks Daddy doesn’t seem to have the ability to plug the damn holes.

Maybe Daddy can plug the hole in public perception. Daddy’s good at that. Wouldn’t want the public to think that he and his administration were not on the Gulf Oil spill problem since “Day One!” (see 1:51min video)

That’s it Daddy take the responsibility assure the American people that your administration is in charge and British Petroleum Oil Corporation is at fault and that your administration was on top of this disaster from day one.

But wait, is that James Carville I hear? Democrat Strategist par excellence. What? Carville you say that the president wasn’t on top of this disaster from day one? You say that he and his administration were not in control and they could be doing more? Let’s listen (see 5:05min video)

People are dying, you say Mr. Carville. Well the president is focused on this situation like a laser beam . See just take a look at his Wednesday agenda:
This morning, President Obama will meet with the NCAA men’s basketball champion Duke Blue Devils at the White House to honor their 2009-2010 championship season in the Rose Garden.

Keeping up the sports theme, the president and the vice president will take a photo with the U.S. World Cup soccer team and former President Bill Clinton, who is chairing the 2018 World Cup bid, on the North Portico. The White House has previously announced that Vice President Biden and Jill Biden will attend the World Cup in South Africa next month.

Afterward, the president will a private have lunch with President Clinton in the Private Dining Room.

In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks on the BP oil spill and the conclusions of his ordered 30-day safety review and hold a press conference in the East Room.

The president will announce standards to strengthen oversight of the industry and enhance safety, a first step in a process that the independent Presidential Commission will continue, a White House official says.

In the meantime, the moratorium on permits to drill new deepwater wells will continue for a period of six months. In addition, the planned exploration off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas will be delayed pending the Comissions review and the August lease sale in the Western Gulf will be cancelled. The lease sale off the coast of Virginia will also be cancelled due to environmental concerns and concerns raised by the Defense Department.

After taking questions from press, the President will then receive a briefing in the Situation Room on the 2010 hurricane season forecast and an overview of the federal government’s national hurricane preparedness. The briefing will be led by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco, as well as five FEMA Regional Administrators.
In the afternoon, Mr. Obama will hold a bilateral meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia in the Oval Office.

Later in the afternoon, the President, the Vice President and First Lady Michelle Obama will host a reception in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month in the East Room.

Afterward, in the evening, the First Family will travel to Chicago, Illinois for a four-day Memorial Day weekend vacation. The Obamas have not been back to their hometown all together as a family for more than a year. -Sunlen Miller (source)
Presidents are never really off the clock, even when they go on vacation. But President Obama's decision to skip the traditional Memorial Day ceremony in Arlington while on his second vacation since the BP oil spill began has some wondering what the schedule says about his priorities. –

I’m guessing Daddy will be thinking about the worst oil spill in the history of the United States while you ‘all are on vacation in Chicago today sweetie even though the efforts to stop the oil leak failed and as Mr. Carville says, “People are dying!”

Did you know sweetie that Daddy has already played more rounds of golf than his predecessor, George W. Bush played in 8 years of his presidency? Go tell that to one of your Fahrenheit 9/11 friends.

Maybe when Daddy gets back from golfing you might ask again, “Daddy did you plug the hole?” He’ll probably say, “Why yes dear right after my third mulligan.”
That sounds about right for this administration. Just a Blackberry™ away!
Yeah right!


  1. Who is Barry Hussein Soetoro and what is he president of?

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  3. You're kidding right Steve? Okay for all of you that haven't read up on the history of our most recent pRESIDENT of the white house.

    Barry Soetoro is the name which Barack Obama went by until about his second or third year of college.

    Also when inaugurated he was ask whether he'd like to be sworn as Barack Obama or Barack Hussein Obama he chose Barack Hussein Obama.

    Therefore since we have never seen an offical document for the name change to Barack Obama we call the man what he was called all of early childhood and high school life Barry Soetoro and since he thought Hussein was important we'll give him that. Henceforth Barry Hussein Soetoro!

    Steve I hope this helps!!!