Monday, September 13, 2010

America: Slapped in the Face by the Velvet Glove of terrorism

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And we are very engaged with the Muslim world, very engaged. And our security is really number one. Our National security our personal security is extremely important and this issue has become now a National Security issue therefore in our conversations, in our decision making process we have to weigh many, many factors and that has been dominate among them. —Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf, CNN interview why Ground Zero Mosque must be built
With a voice and delivery as smooth as black velvet Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf is a yellow happy face button pinned on the Muslim Salwar Kameez, the long blousy suit of radical Islam.

Proving that there are no moderates in Islam but only these who present a happy face for terrorists and fanatics who would just as soon kill so-called moderates as they would kill non-Muslims if “moderates” get in their way and do not serve these fanatics’ purposes as Imam Rauf does.

Imam Rauf is the sole reason that we have a Ground Zero controversy. It was his idea to build and promote a $100million dollar Mosque near the site of ground zero. Anyone who has been a part of a church with a building fund knows that there is no way that Faisel Abdul and his small congregation could fund such a project in a million years, obviously the Imam planned to solicit funds from outside his congregation and perhaps outside of the United States of America. Now I ask you what kind of country would have the resources and money to fund a $100 million dollar Islamic venture?

Maybe Nancy Pelosi should call for an investigation concerning where the money to fund this Mosque would come from, rather than her misguided call to investigate Americans who oppose this offense to everything that America represents.

Imam Rauf explains to Soledad O'Brien that the Ground Zero Mosque must be built as a matter of National Security to placate Islamism terrorists. This is the smoothest threat of Islamic terrorism that has ever been broadcast. O’Brien and her network obviously didn’t even notice the smooth threat of Islamic Fatwa if the Imam’s plans to build his $100 million monument to terrorism near ground zero are in anyway thwarted or hindered. Can you see the Imam’s veiled threats in his remarks below?

If we move [the Cordova Ground Zero Mosque] from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. The Headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack. And I’m less concerned about the radicals in American than I’m concerned about the radicals in the Muslim World [… ] The danger from the radical of the Muslim world to our National Security, to the National Security of our troops… I have a niece who works [unintelligible] serving in Iraq… the concern for American citizens who live and work and travel overseas would increasingly be compromised. If the Radicals are strengthen and if we do move it, it’ll strengthen the argument of Radicals to recruit, their ability to recruit and their increasing aggression and violence.—Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf (see 3:09min video)

We are now today where the Jewish Community and the Catholic community was maybe 70 years, a century ago and this is our time this is our turn to do that […]The biggest issue is a national security issue. Without making it look like both in this country and in the Muslim world… you must remember Soledad and Americans must remember that what we do is watch all over the world, all over the world.—Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf

Now if one wishes to see what is behind the “Happy Face” of Islam one most see what Muslims are saying behind our backs or if we are lucky enough a Muslim will actually tell us what they intend to do because unlike us Muslims are not afraid because their religion is the religion of terrorism. This is not what I say, this is what frank Muslims say.

In the United Kingdom, one such Muslim is Anjem Choudary, a leading Muslim radical. Choudary says Islam is NOT a "religion of peace", but rather that Jihad and the killing of Christians and Jews are authorized by the Koran. (see 6:32mins video)

What is disconcerting is that our president chooses to present the “Happy Face” of Islam on 9/11/10 to an unsuspecting American general public while Islam lays the seeds for the entire upheaval of the American way of life. (see 2:52 min video)

As Imam Rauf said, Muslims believe that now this is their time, this is their turn in human history. As we have seen in Darfur where Muslims have butchered and raped innocent African Christians and other non-Muslim countries once Islam gains a foothold into a country no other religion no other law and no other government is permitted or tolerated by Islam.

It is disgraceful that our President used 9/11/10 as a platform, a gateway, a dirty needle with which to introduce a social virus as deadly as HIV-AIDS into the American bloodstream of freedom and secular government.

Advocating for the terrorist religion of Islam is just what Barry Hussein Soetoro did at the Pentagon on September 11, 2010 when he surreptitiously advocated for the Ground Zero Mosque.

It is evident that Imam Rauf is not the only voice that speaks in smooth velvety tones for the religion of fatwa and jihads.

We have elected representatives in this country that use the same velvety glove which Imam Rauf uses to strike the American face.

Our own officials strike us with velvety rhetoric for the support of Islam setting up a future American Darfur situation, if not that then a Islam vs. European situation in the very near future.

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