Friday, September 10, 2010

Is this the way Government is supposed to work?

As Democrats brace for a November wave that threatens their control of the House, party leaders are preparing a brutal triage of their own members in hopes of saving enough seats to keep a slim grip on the majority.

In the next two weeks, Democratic leaders will review new polls and other data that show whether vulnerable incumbents have a path to victory. If not, the party is poised to redirect money to concentrate on trying to protect up to two dozen lawmakers who appear to be in the strongest position to fend off their challengers.
--Jeff Zeleny and Carl Hulse New York Times
If the people are dissatisfied with the leadership of their government should the government fight to thwart the will of the people?

If the legitimate source of authority of the government is the people (and it is) then any action that the government would take to foil the people’s will should be seen as inappropriately seditious.

Therefore, any talk of a “firewall” by Democrats or any actions by Democrats to use a collective pool of money, government or private, to fight against the people, interferes with the natural normal working of the election process. (see article)

This seemingly innocuous manipulation is in fact iniquitous because it disguises political contempt for the people’s will, while the political class shores up its power against the people by unscrupulous political machinations.

Case in point, Democrats stand to face electoral repudiation and possibly lose control of the House of Representatives for their “In yo Face” style of, we won the 2008 elections so we are going to fundamentally change America .

Americans are now seeing what it means to have Democrats control the country, Health Care Reform thrust upon us, bailout of Banks and Auto Industry that we did not want, $1Trillion dollar stimulus package that didn’t work to save or create jobs, stealing money from our posterity and corrupting the federal government.

Democrats are making the government a lawless tyrannous Fascist arm of an Oligarchy of special interest groups, Amerians have rejected this apocalyptic Progressive Socialist vision of America and all indications are people want to reject Democrats this November in mass.

I think voters should.


  1. I just hope that we don't have some mysterious crisis that involves martial law, before then.

    I don't put anything past these Chicago style thugs.

  2. This is a real good article about our Manchurian pResident. Great insight as
    to why Barry is out to destroy this country.