Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Message to Muslims about Rights

There is no greater dis-respecters of religion than the United States and Islam. Just look at their mutual opposition to Christianity and Islams opposition other religions. Islam disrepects every other religion and even it's own religion as Sunni is against Shiite and al Qaeda Muslims will kill other Muslims.   Therefore Islam should expect no special treatment. Your piss Mohammad, Elephant Dung Mohammad and homosexual Mohammad awaits. If  Jesus whom Americans claim to venerate was so disrespected Americans will do it also to your Prophet (PBUH)--Alaphiah
What does the Piss Christ, the Elephant Dung Virgin Mary and the ground zero Mosque have in common? Actually they have several things in common.

First not one Muslim protested these events when they occurred. Second, in America though many many people disagreed with the expression of all three, an equal amount of, if not more, people defended the rights of all involved to express their rights of free speech or the right to build a Mosque at ground zero.

Though Jesus Christ is considered a prophet of Islam (PBUH) when the crucifix was submerged in urine not one Muslim riot broke out around the world.  No shouts of, “Death to Art!” “Death to the Artist” could be heard. Not one! Yet when a cartoon caricature depicting the Prophet Mohammed was drawn the whole Muslim world rioted and issued death threats and Fatwahs against the cartoon artist.

Furthermore, the Quran honors the Virgin Mary as the Mother of Jesus but when her likeness was rendered in Elephant excrement not one Muslim riot broke out. Not one!

When an Imam unveiled plans to build a Mosque at the foot of ground zero to open on 9/11/11 nothing but arguments were heard from Muslims and non Muslims alike about the rights to have a Mosque built near ground zero no matter how may people such a thing would offend.

So now burning the Quran is proposed on 9/11/10 and you would think by all of the bawling from as far as General Petraeus in Afghanistan to the Whitehouse west of the Potomac that someone was proposing burning the American flag!

Speaking of the American flag I was looking at the News last night and saw it burning and being stomped on while shouts of “Death to America ” went up all around it. I’m still waiting on comments from the General and the Whitehouse concerning such disguising behavior as burning the American flag and shouting death to America. Of course, I won't hold my breath.

In addition to that the U.S. government has already particapated in burning Bibles in Afghanistan (see 2:02min video)

My understanding is that the Leadership confiscated these bibles so they could not be distributed here in Afghanistan.  And it was their best judgment at the time that the best way to deal with it was to destroy them.  And I understand that they were burned. --Colonel Greg Julian

Whether one supports the burning of the Quran or not, I think Mayor Bloomberg or some advocate of building the Mosque at ground zero should step forward and defend Pastor Terry Jones and his Church’s RIGHT to burn the Quran just as vehemently as they defended Muslim’s rights to build a Mosque at ground zero! That would be only fair.(see article)

Remember it’s the “right” that is important not the fact that people are offended. That’s what we’re being told regarding that Mosque near ground zero. So naturally one would expect the same attitude regarding the burning of the Quran. Right?

"Let me be clear: As a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan , in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America , and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable."—president Barry Hussein Soetoro (source)

Muslims have the Right… Isn’t that what president Barry Hussein Soetoro said at his Iftar dinner during Ramadan? The president went on to say that allowing the Islamic center to be built so near the site of devastating attack is a hallmark of being American.

Well if you agree with the president then you must agree that burning the Quran on 9/11/10, too is a hallmark of being American.

We live in a Country of Rights. You build a Mosque at ground zero, someone burns Qurans and we all have exercised our “Rights” to be American. Nobody can be mad at that. Right?

Death to all who wishes Death on Americans expressing their Rights!


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Burning the Quran proves nothing and puts American troops in severe danger. Building
    an Islamic center does not do this.

    Is that not obvious?

  2. What is obvious is that Muslims and supporters of the Cordova Ground Zero Mosque have attached a particular significance to this particular Mosque.

    There are over 200 Mosque built in the United States of America and only this one is at this location is said to threaten U.S. National Security.

    Even so, why would an obitrary act by an individual citizen in the United States of America put troops in danger? It is insane to even suggest that!

    What is obvious is burning a Quran is just as much a right as Muslims burning an American Flag and shouting Death to the USA.

    Burning a Quran is a symbol that at least those who do it have not submitted to Islam.

    Those like yourself who are afraid of this symbol have already submitted to the terrorism of Islam.

    This burning is a couragous act it suggests that we will not live in fear of Muslims and Islam.

    Also what puts our troops in danger is putting them in an hostile environment and ordering them not to protect themselves as this President's administration and Military command has done.

    To not burn this Quran suggests that the terrorism of Islam has aready supplanted American freedom and the American constitution.

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    "Those like yourself who are afraid of this symbol have already submitted to the terrorism of Islam."

    "To not burn this Quran suggests that the terrorism of Islam has aready supplanted American freedom and the American constitution."

    Blogger, you are an idiot.

  4. Isn't it great how freedom works you get to impune my intelligence in total anonym and I don't get to pronounce a Fatwa against you!

    Isn't Freedom Great! That is why this Quran should be burn!

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Well, I wouldn't want to "impune" your intelligence.

    If you're going to host a blog, at least
    learn the English language.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oh did I not say impugn? Well better you correct vocabulary rather than attempt to defend the indefensible.