Friday, September 24, 2010

Krauthammer on A Therapy Session for Disillusioned Obama Supporters

Charles Krauthammer

What’s so grating about it is that it is so obviously false, he [president Soetoro] wouldn’t have been in a meeting in that instance in the first place if he weren’t electioneering. I mean he knows that the polls are showing that people have a sensing that he is aloof, he doesn’t understand the ordinary America, and that’s why he had a meeting so he could sort of rub shoulders with ordinary Americans. —Charles Krauthammer
We’ve all heard about the CNBC Saturday September 18, 2010 Obama Town hall meeting that the Wall Street Journal called a therapy session for disillusioned Soetoro supporters.

Charles Krauthammer in his own no nonsense indomitable way, pulls back the curtain on the man whose mother was born in Kansas. Well we’re a long ways from Kansas and Barry Hussein Soetoro’s town hall meeting entitled, “Investing in America” was but a partisan attempt to defend the failed economic policies of his administration.

However just like his failed trillion-dollar stimulus and economic policies, this so-called town hall meeting was a miserable PR failure as Mr. Krauthammer explains. (see 3:22min video)

It seems that no one is fooled by your rhetoric anymore Mr. president, only those who are willing to suspend disbelief. Even people who vote for the president and his policies are waking up to the fact that trillions of dollars of spending has not produced the “Recovery Summer” and the Economic Recovery that was promised by the president.

It’s time for the president to realize that he is not the great and powerful Oz. Likewise, all of the president’s sound fire and fiery are but words just words. Moreover, Mr. president everyone knows that words without real results are in essence what your administration typifies.

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