Monday, September 27, 2010

Dean Teaches Europe how to Corrupt their Political Discourse

The Loose Cannon Howard Dean
Change the subject…Make them talk about what you want to talk about and be relentless—Howard Dean
Howard Dean is a disgraced U.S. politician who doesn’t know it yet because a disgraced Liberal Elite Media continues to prop him up. Nevertheless, his Party knows that he’s disgraced that is why he was removed from the Chairmanship of the Democrat National Committee upon president Barry Hussein Soetoro election.

The question is how can any sane person believe a word that Dean, a partisan shill for Democrats, says? I’ve often enjoyed talking with Democrat shills as they come to this site because of their sheer detachment from reality. I have been inclined to believe like Michael Savage suggests that there is some kind of mental disorder that is inherent in Liberals.

As true as that may be, there is something even more diabolical at work in the Liberal mind. That is a conscious and deliberate effort to lie and deceive to get power and keep power. In the following video Howard Dean is caught teaching European political students how American Democrat politicians use a tact, which Dean names “the Pivot” which trained Democrat operatives refuse to answer questions. Instead, they use this method to deflect and redirect in a most obvious refusal to participate it honest dialogue about issues.

Don’t let them set the agenda…we think we have to answer the question. You don’t ever have to answer the question. You should answer the question that they should have asked, not the one that they did ask you. And the one that they should have asked you is the one you like. We are going to talk about what we want to talk about… Change the subject…Make them talk about what you want to talk about and be relentless.—Howard Dean (see 1:43min video)

Don’t let anybody else set the agenda ever. You don’t have to respond to them. We’re going to lead this country, they’re not going to lead anymore when we get through with them, so we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do when we lead not what they haven’t done because they’ve been a wreak for the last, how many ever years that they’ve been in power.—Howard Dean

Does this method work? Only if a complicit media allows it, yes it does. However, If a true journalist is interviewing Dean or anyone who employs this method the “Pivotor” can be exposed for the political demagogue that he or she is.

Following are two such examples of politicians attempting to use the “Pivot.” However, they get slapped down by savvy interviewers cold busting the perpetrator. Because this “Pivot” method is designed to be deceptive, it appears that the interviewer is being contentious when they point out the fact that the politician didn’t answer the question. Let me assure you that it all cases it is the “Pivotor” that is the intended contentious one. First Howard Dean is busted by Interviewer Christ Wallace. Then enjoy president Barry Hussein Soetoro being busted by Reporter Brett Baier in perhaps the most explosive interview with a president ever.

First Dean’s multiple attacks on the tea party and Fox News and his pivot method gets slapped down, (see 3:20min video)

In a two part, twenty-minute interview the president refused to answer a single question posed to him in true “Pivot” deflect and redirect method. He instead changed each question to something that he wanted to talk about and then answered that. (1st part 10:41min video)

(2nd part 8:49min video)

The Pivot is a Liberal Democrat maneuver that is meant to cheapen political discourse by non-response and misdirection and Howard Dean as taken this blight on American politics abroad. Europe should reject this political cancer like they should reject Shari Law, the Burka and the veil!

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