Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colin Powell water carrier for Obama

Colin Powell is many things but a Republican is not one of them. Powell’s politics were left of the president he worked for, George W. Bush, a Compassionate Conservative. However based on Powell’s endorsement of the most radical far left President in the history of the United States, Barry Hussein Soetoro, over John McCain a RINO Republican, Powell though he fancies to call himself a Republican is just as much a Republican as Barry Hussein Soetoro is a Natural Born Citizen or a Christian.

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, September 19, 2010 with David Gregory, Powell discussed the issue of Conservatives taking back the Republican Party from the corrupting elements of Moderates, Liberals and RINO’s. To Powell this is the wrong direction for the Republican Party. As a Conservative, I listened to Powell and found that we have absolutely no values in common. The topics that Powell and Gregory covered confirms that Powell’s worldviews are not in line with that of Conservatives.

I found that the placating views that Powell espouses are enabling beliefs that support Liberals. These views are the views that have the Republican Party is its present state of disrepair. It is from these views, Powell’s views, that the Republican Party is purging itself. Listen for yourself the entire forty-seven minute interview. (47:17 min video)

Colin Powell is no Conservative. He has no chance of being elected to any Conservative office or post no matter what he calls or considers himself.

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  1. It's a shame. I respect military Generals, but I don't respect Leftists.