Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Media Helped make this Mess

Since 2000 there has been an all out full press media attack against Conservatism in this country. From Dan Rather to NPR the media has shown bias for the Left wing Liberal agenda and has run as point guaranteeing victory for the Socialist Liberal agenda.

Follow is just a sampling of the media taking a victory lap with the president that they empowered to destroy the America system. Or as he would call what he is doing, fundamentally changing America. (see 2:38min video)

Needless to say this type of press is not what the founding fathers had in mind when they gave the press constitutional protection in the 1st Amendment.


  1. I dunno the founders (IMHO) meant for all to be wide open, biased media... so what? People in a free society can choose what they want in news, etc. The media has NO obligation to be "fair". Freedom is the responsibility of the people! Being informed is also...(kudos to you and others who call the so-called "objective" media on their bias). I am of the opinion the folks have woke up... Leftie media is crashing all about us. The scary but predicable, is the push to top-down control media… (FCC “Net Neutrality” BS, etc)… tyrants know control of media is vital to maintaining their power. And they will try! This is where the next big battle will be… I hope, but have little confidence the “new” GOP Congress will fight for us… something in D.C.(???) seems to rob democrats of their minds and republicans of their spines… we're back to freedom is the responsibility of the people. We lose it when we depend on our “leaders” for its’ protection!

  2. RNB,
    In the founder's thinking the media acted as the fourth estate. I'm sure you're familiar with the term. What it means is that the watched that the government did not supersede it's powers and media reported on government corruption to prevent that type of activity.

    This media has it all wrong it has chosen sides. It as chosen the progressive Left over the Right and over the people.

    Though we presently have freedom chose the news sources we ascribe to the radical left is now attacking those sources under the guise of net neutrality and the consist bashing of Fox news.

    Hey I visited your blog and I like what you're doing there.