Friday, December 24, 2010

The President’s Progressive success is to the Country’s Detriment

Rarely does a political pundit capture the intricacies as well as the broad overarching ramifications of politics as did Jennifer Rubin in her article entitled, Psst, there’s no Obama comeback. here

As visions of DADT fairies dance in the heads of Liberals, Democrats and RINOs the reality is that, what is one Party's success is actually the country’s doom. Sure the progressive agenda was advanced under the 111th Democrat controlled Congress and any Democrat president, Hillary or whomever, could have signed into law what the radical Pelosi left unleashed on the American people with their super major in Congress.

The point is simply this, what Democrats strong-armed into law was purely partisan legislation and its ramifications will regurgitate throughout American life like puked spoiled milk for years to come.

So rejoice the vandals have sacked the Roman Empire once again, first in AD 455 and now in AD 2010. One thousand five hundred and fifty-five years later the barbarians have bust asunder the gates of Western civilized society and have laid waste to the last vestige of a free people.

When the Progressive heathens end, their celebratory dances around the fires of destroyed Western morality or when they end their Hawaiian and Winter Solstice vacations the draconian acts will begin.

Look for FCC net neutrality regulation, the end of free speech, as we know it, Rev. Al Sharpen led FCC persecution of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other Conservatives are already scheduled.

All the while EPA carbon emissions regulations (fines and harsh penalties) are on tap. Not to forget the further attacks against the institution of marriage, the dismantling of the meaning of what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America and the demolishing of Constitutional Republic that heretofore was the United States of America by a Left trained Federal and State judiciary.

The American voter intervention of November 2010 meant nothing to Democrats or it was too little to late as proven by the December flurry of Progressive Socialist legislative victories.

Is there any hope? Jennifer Rubin seems to suggest that Americans are intelligent enough to discern between the nuances of political successes that the president and his Party have just enjoyed opposite of legislative achievement.

But liberal media mavens have a narrative that resists "bad news" (i.e. scandals, polling, the Tea Party movement) that suggests trouble for the Obama administration. They also confuse legislative achievement with political success. If passing stuff was the secret to a political comeback, then the Democrats after ObamaCare and the stimulus plan would have had the greatest year ever.—Jennifer Rubin

While I agree with Ms. Rubin that Progressives have just “pass[ed] stuff,” on the strength of their super majority. What I’m not quite sure of is whether Americans can withstand the media brainwashing that will ensue to ensure each one of us that though unemployment remains detrimentally high at or above 9.8%. In spite of no job creation by this administration, pro Soetoro media will attempt to convince Americans that what the president accomplished is monumental and deserving of accolades.

Why he just might be deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize (this time) or a second term as president they’ll advance.

To which I’ll say fine where’s the jobs he’s repeatedly promised, where’s the repaired economy he said the three stimulus packages he asked for and got would fix and where is the birth certificate?

These things he should have done to the exclusion of his Progressive agenda.

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