Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Obama Uses Deception in Deportation Numbers

"It's breaking the rules to break the record. You don't change the way you do business to meet some quota. Morton said we don't do quotas. But that's what this is." -- Chris Crane, president of the American Federation of Government Employees National Council 118
It’s not Wikileaks but the secret it exposes is just as damaging to the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration as any secrets revealed by Julian Assange. The Soetoro administration is cooking the books in an attempt to make itself look tough on Illegal Immigration deportation as revealed in interval emails and interviews.

Andrew Becker of the Center for Investigative Reporting based in Berkeley, California reports, [f]or much of this year, the Obama administration touted its tougher-than-ever approach to immigration enforcement, culminating in a record number of deportations. (see story)

What this story represents is the corruption of this president and the way his administration deceives and misinforms the American people. This is the Sotoro administration’s attempt to give the appearance of doing something while in fact they do the polar opposite.

Here is how it works. The Soetoro administration has set a goal of 392,862 deportations, that number is greater than last year number of 389,834 deportations. A greater number gives the administration the factual claim that under president Soetoro there is not a decrease in deportation of illegal aliens in fact deportation numbers are going up.

Now how does the administration arrive at those numbers plus keep their special interest constituents happy, which I’m sure you would agree are two contradictory propositions.

First, they must skew the numbers. Mr. Becker reports that:

• The 392,862 deportations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement included more than 19,000 immigrants who had exited the previous fiscal year, according to agency statistics.
• ICE also ran a Mexican repatriation program five weeks longer than ever before, allowing the agency to count at least 6,500 exits that, without the program, would normally have been tallied by the U.S. Border Patrol.
• Even still, the agency still was in jeopardy of falling short of last year's mark so they quietly directed immigration officers to bypass backlogged immigration courts and time-consuming deportation hearings whenever possible.
• ICE instructed employees to offer illegals a quick pass to their countries without a negative mark on their immigration record. Such an offering called Voluntary Return or VR doesn't bar the illegal from applying for legal residence or traveling to the United States in the future.
Once the administration reached its targeted “deportations”, it was business as usual according to ICE agents.

In a bid to remake the enforcement of federal immigration laws, the Obama administration is deporting record numbers of illegal immigrants and auditing hundreds of businesses that blithely hire undocumented workers.-- Peter Slevin source

However in order to keep their core constituency of illegal alien activists happy, while the Soetoro administration is touting how tough they are, by the numbers, of deportations they’ve recorded they quietly remake federal enforcement of immigration laws. While at the same time, they release thousands of illegal aliens detained at facilities across the country if the illegal has a potential path to legal residency.

The Obama administration is moving to release thousands of illegal immigrants detained at facilities across the country if the immigrants have a potential path to legal residency.-- Shankar Vedantam source

This conflicting policy as cause internal wars between the administrations appointed officials and agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement who must carry out the duplicitous policies of the Soetoro administration.

As it poises for further immigration initiatives, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is struggling with festering internal divisions between political appointees and career officials over how to enforce laws and handle detainees facing deportation.—Andrew Becker source

The Soetoro duplicity is meant to confuse the issue of illegal entry. As they have confused the issues of unemployment, the bailouts, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Homosexuals in the military, Health care and every other issue that they have touched.

This president has created consist states of crisis in this country in attempts to force his radical agendas through Congress and upon the American people. As his former chief of staff once infamously intoned, this administration believes in, never letting a serious crisis go to waste.

President Soetoro has done exactly that with the Illegal alien crisis. He and his fellow Democrats have exploited the crisis of illegal entry in this country to make political hay to the detriment of this country.

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