Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Howard Dean reveals voter exploitation used to help Elect Obama

Kennedy School students who want to learn from sociologist and activist Marshall Ganz get a flavor of Barack Obama pretty early on. On the first day of his “Public Narrative” class, Ganz shows a video of Obama’s 2004 Democratic Convention speech, pointing out how Obama’s story of his parents’ “improbable love” sets the stage for an inspiring call to action. -- KARIM BARDEESY
How does a community organizer get himself elected president of the United States of America? According to fellow community organizer, socialist and lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Marshall Ganz all one must do is exploit voters with formulated manipulative stories. Oh, like the ones president Barry Hussein Soetoro told to be elected.

Apparently so, in fact Ganz is teaching classes on the method at Harvard not to mention that he is the one who crafted the Barry Hussein Soetoro campaign.

The mad hatter of political punditry Howard Dean lends his voice in deciphering just how easy it is to fool the American people with Saul Alinsky type of tactics. (see 3:21min video)

What voters didn’t know was they were not getting to full story of Barry Hussein Soetoro. That story was hidden away with all of this school records from kindergarten through college. The Soetoro birth certificate and all records of his legislative history in Chicago Illinois all hidden and voters didn’t know because Democrats kept the focus on Bush in 2008 even though Bush wasn’t running.

This was a brilliant political move for Democrats, but not so good for the country because it allowed a completely unknown quantity to slip into the White house without going through the process of vetting. (see previous post)

For purely political reasons Democrats did not vet Barry Hussein Soetoro in 2008. However, in 2012 it is up to the Republican Party to rise the questions that are on all of our minds, regarding a president who doesn’t seem to like America and American values. We cannot depend on Democrats to force the president to answer all of the questions, which currently swirl around his presidency; it’s not in their interest to do so.

Now that we’ve digested the phony Barry Hussein Soetoro story, it is time for the real story to come out. I believe this man is unelectable with such a secretive life story when he promised the most transparent administration in the history of America.

The Soetoro promise of transparency is the “Read my lips, no new taxes” Achilles heel of the Soetoro presidency. If Republicans fault to use the Soetoro secrecy against him now and until the election, it shows that they really don’t what to win, it won’t matter who runs Republican.

Republicans are running against the most sinister deviant political machine of recent memory if what Howard Dean is saying is true. Nothing save the truth about Soetoro will end the deception, which Democrats are using against the American people.

If voter exploitation helped elect Soetoro then only the disinfectant of sunlight on the Soetoro secrets will bring the American people out of the shadows of deceptive Democrat politics.

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