Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obama declares war on Business

[W]hile the Department of Labor prepares for a hyper-aggressive enforcement strategy against business, it has rolled back Bush-era reforms mandating greater union transparency. Just this week the department rescinded its Form T-1, which required unions to report on strike funds and other accounts under union control. —John Fund
9.8% official unemployment in the country and you thought that the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration was attempting to save or create jobs. Wrong! This administration is waging a secret executive order and government bureaucratic war against American business.

Frank McCafferty reports for Americans for Limited Government (see 2:58min video)

President Soetoro has put in place a well-funded stealth army of 400 attorneys in the DOL meant to attack business under the radar while you get propaganda from ABC, NBC,CBS and MSNBC reporting that everyone in the Soetoro administration is surprised at the 9.8% unemployment numbers. The story that you and I are supposed to believe is, they are doing the best they can with the “Bush recession.”
John Fund of the Wall Journal reports on the Soetoro plan to dismantle American business. (see story)

On Sept. 22, Labor's Office of the Solicitor—which employs 400 attorneys to enforce the nation's labor laws—issued a draft "operating plan" to dramatically increase pressure on employers. A source inside the department says the plan has been adopted.
Patricia Smith, who heads the solicitor's office, told me in an interview yesterday that the plan is a "living document" that will "never be finalized." Whatever its status, it includes the following:
• "Identify a public affairs liaison in each Regional Office" to "send stronger, clearer messages to the regulated community about DOL's emphasis on litigation."
• "Engage in enterprise-wide enforcement."
• "Engage in greater use of injunctive relief"--John Fund

This administration cannot be trusted as proven by repeated disclosures of its use of political subterfuge i.e., their phony political claim that they have saved or created an unverifiable 3 million jobs and their claim that the 700 billion-stimulus package worked to stimulate the economy.

If business is going to survive in this country this whole progressive socialist government, executive, legislative, judicial and bureaucratic mess must be purged.

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