Friday, January 28, 2011

David Gregory uses partisan passive aggressive attack against Americans

There are elements in this country who question this president’s citizenship who think that his birth certificate is inauthentic. Will you call that what it is, which is crazy talk. —David Gregory
There is no pretense of partiality with Meet the Press David Gregory. On last Sunday’s show Gregory attacked Americans with some of the same Orwellian language as Uber-partisan Nancy Pelosi used when she infamously labeled Americans who protested Obamacare by calling them Astro Turf.

But Gregory doesn’t directly attack. No he cowardly assaults Americans by proxy through the people’s elected representative House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Gregory’s strategy? Gregory believes if he can badger Rep. Cantor into calling Americans who want the same proof of Barry Hussein Soetoro’s eligibility that 2008 presidential candidate Sen. John McCain showed, a long form birth certificate, he can shut Americans up so that the greatest scandal in America’s political history can continue undisturbed. Such a discovery would totally discredit the entire Democrat Party and its Diane Sawyer-Katie Couric Media co-conspirators. (see 2:28min video)

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Chicago Times’ Clarence Page and Mother Jones’ David Corn all partisan Liberals are asking the president to show the long form birth certificate. Though they claim, the president must unseal his vital records to show up “birthers” nevertheless they see the importance of the bright disinfectant of sunlight rather than the tact of pretending that the president’s legitimacy has been established beyond all doubt and anyone who disbelieves is “crazy”.

Instead Gregory uses the same old tired Liberal tactic of attempting to scare everyone away from the birth certificate topic by establishing that the topic is off limits by acting as if questioning president Soetoro lack of bona fides is somehow crazy, it is not.

The tactic is called “the pivot.” It is essentially worked by turning your opponents best and strongest arguments against them by making the argument unpopular and then made your opponent ashamed to own it.

Yesterday on Meet the Press House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was asked if he would reject birther crazy talk and he wouldn’t. But he did allow that he believes that the president is a U.S. citizen. I’m wondering if you think that Republican leaders ought to reject that kind of birther talk—Whitehouse reporter

David Gregory is a part of the Sawyer-Couric media group, which aided in electing and aids in protecting the illegitimacy of president Soetoro. So naturally he’s not going to entertain the possibility that his position is the crazy one. Neither would he think that the so-called “birthers” are the rational ones.

Notice how White house reporters and White house press Secretary Robert Gibbs discuss how David Gregory failed to get Eric Cantor to completely pivot away from the topic of the birth certificate. Liberals asks one to disavow or reject the Liberal weakest argument or your strongest argument in this case the subject of Soetoro's birth is a weak spot for the Obama administration. (see 53sec video)

I think rational people have long ago maybe when they first heard and saw the president come to the conclusion of his citizenship—Robert Gibbs, Whitehouse spokesman

Slight of tongue, Gibbs never says that the president is a natural born citizen because that would be a lie. Instead, he says that the president is a citizen. Also, notice in Gibbs' world how people who are unquestioning and accepting of the president’s word without evidence about his birth are rational. But people who ask for verification are crazy. This is a total pivot of reality. This is the evil of calling light darkness and darkness light.

The difference between Nancy Pelosi and David Gregory is Pelosi doesn’t obscure her disdain for the American people with indirect passive aggressive insults. In this regard Gregory is not half the man that Pelosi is.

However judging by Gregory unsubstantiated belief in president Soetoro’s birth story, Soetoro, known for his duplicity, Gregory can ill afford to call anyone crazy!


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Keep up the great work. Write more about the birth certificate. Write about it every day. Keep the heat on! Any day now, the truth will surface. Any day now!

  2. I'll keep your well wishes in mind when this usurper is found out. We'll need to round up all who participated and supported this fraud.