Thursday, January 27, 2011

Olbermann Fired as predicted by Glenn Beck

Who doesn’t Know anything about Television Mr. Olbermann?
He is the voice of the wide-eyed Progressive Liberal lunatic fringe. Keith Olbermann said outrageous nonsense better than most. Make no mistake this is not to Olbermann’s credit.

However if you ever wondered how Jim Jones got so many of his followers to drink the kool-aid Olbermann showed us the Jim Jones technique nightly on MSNBC.

That’s correct I said showed us, past tense because Olbermann was abruptly fired from the MSNBC network at the end of last week. (see3:10min video)

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Interestingly when it was reported last November that Comcast bought MSNBC Glenn Beck predicted that Olbermann would be a casualty of that merger if Comcast chose to follow more of a business model rather than it’s Olbermann fuelled hate campaign against everything and everyone Conservative. In Olbermann’s usual,“all Conservatives are wrong because I say so” mode Olbermann used typical Progressive Liberal counter arguments supported by his usual false and faulty “facts” to pronoun that Glenn Beck was wrong about what would happen in the Comcast merger. He also stated emphatically that Beck didn’t know anything about Television or anything else. (see3:42min video)

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Ironically recent developments (Olbermann’s firing) indict that, like everything that Olbermann has ever said, Olbermann was completely wrong and in this case Beck was right.

Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow discuss the Olbermann firing and as usual neither one understands the failing of Liberal ideology. (see 1:03mins video)

Could part the liberal hate machine finally be exposed? We'll see if Democrats will follow along and stop their hate.

But it's extremely doubtful.

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