Thursday, January 06, 2011

John Boehner: Unfit to Lead and Republicans Just don’t understand

In this highly partisan charged political climate, call United States politics the last thing that Republicans need is a crybaby who acquiesces at the helm of the Republic push back of the Democrat Progressive-Liberal overreach of the Pelosi, Reid and Soetoro Democrats. Nevertheless, as usual Republicans just don’t understand. (see article)

It’s as if Republicans didn’t learn from the 1988 Bob Dole (it’s my turn) mentality that resulted in the election of William Jefferson Clinton. Neither did Republicans learn from the 2008 John McCain (it’s my turn to lead) candidacy that resulted in the election of Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Without raising the question, Is John Boehner the right person to led the House Republicans in 2011 and beyond?’ Boehner ascended to the role of Speaker of the House and I’m afraid the Republican Party is the worst for it.

Boehner is from the old Republican ‘Marquess of Queensberry’ world of politics where men stood erect and fought with fist facing backwards a world where chivalrous men open doors for unliberated women and where politicians put the interests of the country before their Party’s interests and before their own interests. Boehner is not equipped to deal with the Dem-o-Qaeda political tactics that will be used against him.

Boehner’s politics are like the British Red Coats marching in formation while fighting opponents using guerrilla warfare. Boehner will make Republicans sitting ducks while Nancy Pelosi guerilla politicos snipe at them from behind the cover of the Progressive Liberal media.

How do I know? Boehner has already promised to reduce his powers and share power with Democrats. Now as noble as this sounds it goes beyond the bounds of naïveté and political suave.

Democrats are not John Fitzgerald Kennedy Democrats, no these are not your father’s Democrats these Progressive Liberal Socialist undermined eight years of George W. Bush, they undermined seven years of the Iraq war, both of these offenses are treasonous acts.

Under the most Left-wing radical ever to be elected president Democrats disregarded two years of protest by the American people and against the wishes of the majority of Americans they enacted socialized medicine called Obamacare which was recently found unconstitutional.

Democrats have encouraged illegal entry into this country and have abandoned protecting American borders. Democrats have attempted to fund illegal aliens’ college education, calling it the Dream Act while American students go wanting. Democrats have repealed ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ which will throw the U.S. armed forces into chaos which no doubt will result in the prosecution of military personnel who will be accused of homophobia or crimes against homosexuals.

Democrats have used pure raw political power to advance a progressive liberal socialist agenda to the detriment of this country. So why would new Speaker of the House, John Boehner want to reduce his power and share power with Democrat ideologues?

Oh, that’s right it’s his turn. This simply means that Republicans have no political acumen. Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barry Hussein Soetoro will have Boehner out on his derriere crying in a crying towel before Republicans can push back any of the damage that the country has endured due to Democrats acting badly as Progressive Liberal Socialist.

Republicans need a politician who can outperform the most political devious reckless corrupt Party to take power in American history; John Boehner is not that politician.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a Republican politician on the horizon that has the gravitas the political good judgment and the shrewdness needed to combat the dishonesty and deception of the Democrat Party and their media cohorts.

John Boehner just promised to share power with the devil; he is definitely not fit to lead Republicans. It will be quite painful to see Speaker Boehner attempt to dance with the devil while at the same time the devil stabs him in the back with political pitchforks his entire tenure as Speaker. Democrats are already vowing Nancy Pelosi return to the Speaker's Chair.

What is it Republicans don’t understand? Democrats attempted to annihilate the entire Republican Party while they were in power.

Yep Republicans just don’t understand!

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