Friday, January 07, 2011

Repubophobic Press Battles Boehner at Press Conference

The hate was palpable. The press didn’t question Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Barry Hussein Soetoro in the fashion that the Washington Press Corps lit into Speaker of the House John Boehner in one of Mr. Boehner’s first press conferences. Speaker Boehner held his own in spite of the bombastic way, which the press pilloried him.

It makes one wonder where was this press when Soetoro was nominated for the presidential nomination and Democrat partisan Attorney Phillip Berg raised the question of Soetoro’s eligibility. (see 4:26min video)

Where was this press when Nancy Pelosi put together a over 2,000 page health care bill behind closed doors in direct contravention of the president’s promise that the process would be complete open and transparent. It was in the Democrats pocket that’s where it was.

Make no mistake this is not a press fulfilling its Constitutional role as the fourth estate. This press is the partisan political arm of the Democrat Party.

Speaker of the House Boehner should make himself ready for the Dan Rather “Bush whacking” that he’s in store for at the hands of the Progressive Liberal Media.

This press is not attempting to inform the American people with the truth; this press is only attempting to protect the radical Socialist agenda that it helped unleash against the American people when it helped elect Democrats and Barry Hussein Soetoro.

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