Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After over two years of hopelessness people want change, any Republican beats Obama

At this moment -- 57% of the way through a first term with only 628 days left until the 2012 presidential election – [President Soetoro] can only tie any conceivable Republican candidate. -- Andrew Malcolm
Anybody but Obama? Anybody but Obama. It’s being to look like it. Barry Hussein Soetoro ascended the presidency on a Liberal Progressive political wave equaling the hurricane force of Rita and Katrina combined. President Soetoro began the most Liberal Progressive deconstruction of American values since FDR’s New Deal. Next, he began institutionalizing the Liberal Progressive agenda. An agenda that Democrats had wanted to implement for over 50 years but couldn’t because the government had not been fully corrupted yet. However like a perfect storm Democrats took control of both houses of the Legislative Branch in addition Democrats took control of the the Executive Branch creating the conditions which to push through spending and unconstitutional laws the likes that have never been seen in America.

The New Deal is a series of economic programs implemented in the United States between 1933 and 1936. They were passed by the U.S. Congress during the first term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States, from 1933 to 1936. The programs were responses to the Great Depression, and focused on what historians call the "3 Rs": relief, recovery, and reform. That is, relief for the unemployed and poor; recovery of the economy to normal levels; and reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression. The New Deal produced a political realignment, making the Democratic Party the majority (as well as holding the White House for seven out of nine Presidential terms from 1933–69), with its base in liberal ideas, big city machines, and newly empowered labor unions, ethnic minorities, and the white South.—Wikipedia

Sensing that the time was right president Soetoro forced through the Democrat controlled Congress every political utopian Socialist dream that Democrats have been working to implement.

This February, after the invisible "Recovery Summer" and Democrats' historic midterm election shellacking, any Republican ties Obama at 45-45.
At this same calendrical point in George W. Bush's first term, the Republican led any Democrat 47-39. --Andrew Malcolm

Because of president Soetoro’s and Democrat’s Fascist use of power, the most Progressive Socialist agenda in the history of the United States of America has been rejected. Democrats are being rejected and the Democrat president is more unpopular at this point in his administration than his predecessor was. At this point, any Republican can beat Soetoro. (see article)

Barry Hussein Soetoro has damaged the country and his presidency virtually by his own doing. After two years of false promises of jobs, failed policies and unconstitutional activity and after two years of attempts to change America into an extra-Constitutional country Americans have had enough.

All of this without aid from the media or the Democrat politicos Americans realize that anyone but president Barry Hussein Soetoro would protect the Constitution and serve the American people.

The more things change the more things stay the same. To whit anybody but Soetoro, anybody but Obama.

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  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Beating Obama isn't going to be an issue. Finding a Republican that isn't a RINO is going to be an issue. I'm not worried about 2012. Obama the Communist has collapsed the planet.

    We need somebody that can look at the facts and bring the pain. A Chris Christie or Allen West would be a good start. But none of the issues we face are going to be solved by one man. We have to deep fry the Senate as well. They are the weakest link in the Federal Government.