Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought Police must Die

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar —attributed to Sigmond Freud
And sometimes a drawing is just a drawing.

An eleven-year-old boy was taken from his home a couple of night ago, arrested, handcuffed, his mug shot was taken and he was jailed. Police charged the little eleven-year-old with interfering with staff and students at an Educational facility, a third degree misdemeanor an apparent trumped up charge to justify police’s Fascist intrusion into the home and the unlawful arrest and detention of a child.

What did the little boy do? Months ago while sitting at his desk the little student drew a stick figure picture of a “kid” holding and firing a gun at other stick figure drawings, the other stick figures had the caption teachers written above them. (see article)

It is simply outrageous and utterly inappropriate that the community of Arvada Colorado is sitting back acceptingly watching the beginning of State Fascism rise up in their midst. (see 2:33min video)

There is simply no justification for the police state tactics of Arvada police or the Orwellian thought control demonstrated by teachers and school administrators. There is nothing that can defend the taking of a child from his home at night. And equally, there is nothing that can defend treating that child like a common criminal. The last I checked there are no laws against drawing stick figures, there are no laws against drawing a gun and there are no laws against drawing a stick figure shooting another stick figure or stick figure on stick figure crime.

In a more rational time, the parents of this child would not be hiding in the shadows of shame. Instead, they would be suing everyone from teacher to teacher’s union. They would be suing school administrators and every police from arresting officer to booking officer.

In a more rational time, the parents of the little eleven-year-old would be suing the police chief, the city mayor, and the state governor for this malicious injustice and the trauma, which has been inflicted on their child.

This already troubled little 11 year old student purportedly suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder therefore he was told by his therapist, Dr. Patrick Bacon to draw pictures as a substitute for disrupting the sixth grader’s class.

As a substitution for acting out in class the little 11 year-old student followed this physician’s instructions and drew a picture of stick figures. According to reports he was about to throw the picture away when his teacher saw the picture and sent him to the principal’s office.

The school was aware that the boy was in treatment, determined he was not a threat, notified his parents and sent him back to class. His mother, "Jane" was shocked when Arvada Police showed up at their home later that night.-- Julie Hayden

How is it that mindless drones have replaced educators and government officials in Arvada Colorado. How is it that pliant governmental subservient parents have come to a point that government can intrude into their homes in the darkness of night and abscond with their children on trumped up charges and nothing is being done.

In the Tom Cruise film, Minority Report set in the year 2054 there exists a pre-crimes division where precrime police would violently arrest citizens for future crimes not yet committed as foretold by three Procogs.

In Arvada Colorado October 2010, we have witnessed one of the first unconstitutional precrime arrest in American’s history as a Constitutional Republic. We have also witness the violation of a little 11 year-old boy and his family’s constitutional and civil rights. And no one not even they breathe a word against a Fascist State government’s inappropriate violation of their rights.

The stick figure art may have been puerile and somewhat primitive. The subject matter may have been undesirable but what was complete inappropriate and questionable was the adult reaction to the little drawn out expressions of a sixth grader who is diagnosed with A.D.D. and who drew pictures as prescribed by his therapist.

This is but one more instance that the Thought Police are well and functioning in 2011. They are in our schools, they are on the police forces and they are in our government. Down with the Thought Police, all Thought Police must die!

The only thing that is inappropriate in this story is that there is no outrage from the American people. We are losing our Freedoms right before our eyes because apparently no one realizes what it means when a little eleven-year-old sixth grade boy is dragged from his home at night and is handcuffed, booked and imprisoned because he drew a picture of a stick figure with a gun shooting other stick figures.

Freedom of thought and freedom of expression have just been outlawed de facto in our life time, in our country and the American people apparently don’t care.

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  1. Yep, this country has been taken over by fascists and the population is nothing more than mindless sheep.