Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gov. Haley Barbour saying what we’ve all been Thinking

Our economy is not growing fast enough to replace the 7million jobs lost since January 2009. Much less to accommodate the young Americans entering the work force--Gov. Haley Barbour
Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.) recently spoke to Business people in Chicago and managed to say what is on all of our minds. After the president and his Party berated president Bush and promising pie in the sky hope and change the reality of the Barry Hussein Soetoro has done just doesn’t match up to his promises.

In my view it is a failure of government policy. In fairness, the Obama administration arrived in office facing some of the worst economic conditions in decades. But for more than two years this administration and it’s Congress has pursued policy after policy that created economic uncertainly or directly hurt the economy. Explosive spending, skyrocketing deficits, gargantuan debt, calls for record tax increases, government run health care, out of control regulations and an anti-growth energy policy-- Gov. Haley Barbour

(see 2:57min video)

Now the recent election seems to have given the president the zeal of a convert who’s just heard the gospel. Now he’s meeting with CEO’s, extending the Bush tax cuts, even speaking to the U.S. chambers of commerce, talking to business leaders about the economy, now that’s change that even I can believe in! But despite all of the talk there is no change in policy-- Gov. Haley Barbour

We already know what kind of report card the president would issue himself on the job that he has done. How would you grade the president’s efforts on the economy since he’s been in office?

Remember some of the things that president Soetoro and Democrats have put in place will not be undone and will cause permanent injury to the economy.

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