Wednesday, March 16, 2011

While Japan is Burning Obama is Bracketing?

Libya is still raging violently out of control. Saudi Arabia has just provoked Iran. Japan is battling the devastating earthquakes the tsunamis and fighting to keep a nuclear power plant under control. The market is tanking globally.

So what is our president doing today? I mean this is a guy who told everybody, “Rise up, the youth in the streets look to Egypt rise up!” And then he promptly went off to retired to a Stevie Wonder private Concert in the White house. And then he went and played golf the Saturday before last and then this Saturday. And then before he went to golf he gave his Saturday radio address to the entire nation and he wanted to make sure that we were all celebrating women’s history
—Glenn Beck
Mr president Rome is Burning and it's 3 a.m. in the Morning!

What is bracketing? Bracketing is selecting which college basketball teams will win and lose in the March Madness Basketball Tournament that just began. Among his other recreational interest, the president is bracketing . What is Glenn Beck doing? Mr. Beck is contrasting a world, which is presently in chaos against a U.S. president who is enjoying all of the perks of office while shirking the responsibilities of the office. (see 2:51min video)

FoxNews host Megyn Kelly hosted a debate between liberal Leslie Marshall supporter of the presidentand Conservative Lars Larson a critic. Both commented on Obama’s priorities Mr. Larson speculated the president has an “aversion to leadership”

Barack Obama is not just tone deaf he has an aversion to leadership—Lars Larson

(see 6:46min video)

Neil Cavuto and Donald Trump both question the president’s priorities. While the world is in utter chaos, the president seems to be golfing for fun and relaxation.

There is no better game than golf. But when Japan is crashing, when you have nuclear problems the likes of which maybe the world so far has never seen. For him to be playing golf simultaneously with that happening, you’re talking about the day of and the day after is totally inappropriate.—Donald Trump

(see 2:58min video)

It’s almost like Soetoro has told the wife and kids, “Hey get as much fun out of this experience as you can because there’s not going to be another 4 years.”

I must say, the way Democrats have catastrophically compromised America’s economy , America’s politics and our social institutions and structures the Mayan calendar date of 2012 just may live up to be all that the Mayans predicted. (see :30sec video)

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