Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jesse Jackson Stokes Flames of Union Mobocracy

The question is about how to handle it. And normally we saw this in Washington D.C. on the Healthcare vote that president Obama wanted. The Tea Partiers and the Republicans did not want that law to go through. And the Democrats did a procedural maneuver in the Senate where they got it through with 51 votes instead of 60. And that’s just life and now that’s law. Why isn’t the same answer equates now for the Democrats who are losing, they’re losing but they’re losing fairly in Wisconsin. —Megan Kelly
Death threats, near riots and storming the Wisconsin State Capitol are all the work of Democracy. In a Democracy, there are hangings and lynchings or even the drowning of Witches. Democracies are mob rule.

As events unfolded in Wisconsin over the last several weeks it has became clear that Liberals and Democrats prefer anarchy to lawful government. We’ve seen elected Democrats running away from and deserting their jobs to Union organized anti-government mayhem. Just asks the janitors that had to clean human feces from various corners of the Capitol building, which Union mobs and Democrat political agitators left as markings for Democracy.

Fox News Reporter Megan Kelly interviewed the Rev. Jesse Jackson who apparently was filling in for the absent president Barry Hussein Soetoro who promised the Unions that he would join them in Wisconsin and march with them but surprisingly he didn’t show.

Kelly asked the Rev. Jackson to explain the utter barbaric and uncivil actions of Liberals and Democrats who lost the political fight in Wisconsin and to compare that to when Republicans lost the national political fight regarding the health care law. Jackson’s answer though garbled, filled with Liberal talking points and rapper’s rhymes is astonishingly hypocritical. (see 8:59min video)

Rev. Jackson answer? What Rev. Jackson said equated to this, Democrat Progressive Liberal policies and ideologies are more important than Republican’s. So Liberals and Democrats will use any means necessary to advance Progressive ideology and Democrats will use any means necessary to crush Republican’s Conservative policies and ideologies.

Rev. Jackson’s repeated references to Democracy were quite disturbing also. It is as if he knows nothing about his own country. America is not and never was a Democracy. The fact that someone in political leadership would say that shows remarkable ignorance for what the founding fathers created and why they created it. America is a Constitutional Republic. Rev. Jackson should learn what it means to be a Constitutional Republic before he speaks again publicly on issues that affect this country.

Surely, as Rev. Jackson continues to pretend to carry the mantle of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. he should at least attempt to understand that Dr. King’s efforts were to better this country rather than to destroy its institutions. By using Mobocracy Rev. Jackson is attempting to force the same failed European Progressive Socialist agenda on America that president Barry Hussein Soetoro is attempting to adopt nationally.

Every day we received news from Europe that their utopian dream of Progressive Socialism has failed. Perhaps American Progressive Socialists cannot quit their mad march into social and governmental destruction. Perhaps they know their ideology is failed but if they admitted its failure, they would also have to admit their greatest fear.

Social Strict Constructionists were right all along. The ideas that embody the American experience as laid out in the Constitution of the United States are better than what Progressive Liberals Socialists and their Communists allies have ever been able to duplicate or imagine.

And of course, their greatest fear is that Social Conservative ideas are right and their Progressive Liberal notions are wrong, this is what defines the fight in Wisconsin. This fear, the fear that Conservatives are right and Liberals are wrong is what fuels Barry Hussein Soetoro and Rev. Jesse Jackson. Moreover, it is this pure unadulterated partisanship that Soetoro and Jackson now represents, not the good of our country.

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