Tuesday, April 12, 2011

California Environmental Regulatory Green Machine Retaliates against Science and You

In the world we live in you can’t really separate science and politics and that’s very very unfortunate. The money that researchers need to do their research comes from agencies that have to generate that money on the basis of frequently public fears. So, we see public fears being exploded in order to maintain the funding to agencies— Robert F. Phalen co-director of Air pollution health effects labs of UC Irvine

It is indeed a shocking story of the corruption of science. Science as long altered the world around it. Ironically, it is surprising to see science being altered right before our eyes by the politics of greed and money.

Like the Frankenfood or the genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) that science is responsible for, we face a nemesis that has the ability to harm us above that of any of the man made global threats we currently face.

That threat is Politics corrupting Science. Politics has altered science into a Politico-Science monstrosity that creates self-sustaining and self-benefiting politically correct green lies in order to generate and keep certain politically correct agencies funded. The same Agencies in turn fund the politico-scientists that produce corrupt “scientific findings” which frightens and deceives people into giving more money to Agencies and Universities that house this mutant Politico-Science.

This corrupt is a circular recyclable self-sustaining paradigm. It is the Mother of Global Warming and the Go Green environmental movement. They scare, pretend they care and then regulate the air.

They regulate with such draconian policies that they put businesses out of business and then look to you and me to tax at usurious rates to keep their greed, power and consumption binge going.

In just two examples, The California Air Resources Board (CARB), UCLA and their powerful allies in the Green environmental movement have destroyed California businesses, jobs and a whistle blower science.

First, California Businessman Dwayne Whitney is losing his business. Whitney a victim of Politico-Science and the agencies that regulate California air quality based on political correctness rather than science.

Second, Dr. James Enstrom who attempt to speak science to environmental power was falsely maligned and fired when he took a stance of science over politics and the politically correct machinations of California green movement. (see 9:15min video)

If Dr. Enstrom loses his job because he has expressed his academic freedom, then it’s a message to other researchers that you’d better not rock the boat because you might be next. […] The environmental regulatory machine in California is very powerful. When Dr. Enstrom went up against that machine he was retaliated against—Adam Kissel, FIRE

Are environmentalists and their regulatory boards well meaning? The saying is that the road to hell is paved with many good intentions. I suspect that road to America's economic collapse is paved with them as well.

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