Wednesday, April 13, 2011

His Sister but still no Birth Certificate!

Look at what Donald Trump has caused. Feeling the heat of the resurgence of interest in the possibility that he is ineligible while in office, the president is waging a two-prong attack. First he, MSM and the ruling political class (Democrats and Republicans) are going to discredit and shut-up Donald Trump.

Look for it. In the next couple of weeks, Trump will be effectively dealt with much like Ann Coutler was spayed and Glen Beck was neutered regarding the Birth Certificate subject. Likewise Mr. Trump will be afraid to even so much as mention the subject ever again and if he does it will only be to nod compliantly when asked if he thinks that Barry Hussein Soetoro is a legitimate president . And like Coulter and Beck (who must devour their own young )the Donald will attack anyone who legitimately asks for proof of Soetoro eligibility.

In the second phase of the president’s attack on Mr. Trump, he is trotting out his half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng who, up to this point, has been in relative obscurity. The president must believe that he is in serious trouble. It’s quite evident that he’d rather not have the name Soetoro so prominent in this fight, as it might give people ideas.

What is most interesting is Ms. Soetoro-Ng is only regurgitating all of the “birth believers” talking points like, he’s already released information, Hawaii say’s the COLB is official, it’s ashamed, blah, blah, blah, blah.

She doesn’t bring anything new to the conversation. And at this point we don’t need another person talking about what they heard about the documents and who said that they exist, for God’s sake you’ all want to move on? Just show Americans the 2 million dollar birth certificate and we’ll move on to the next thing.

However Ms. Soetoro-Ng feels that everyone should just believe her half-brother and move on. Simple to say for you Maya, if Republican presidential candidate a white man, John McCain wasn’t made to produce his birth certificate long copy and show it to reporters maybe we could just move on, but now it wouldn't be fair.

If you recall McCain was accused of being ineligible to be president because McCain was born on a military installation in the country of Panama. I’m thinking if they made a White man who was candidate for president do it and didn’t made the black man who was a candidate for president do it that is total unfair discrimination against whites again.

No prosecution of the New Black Panthers because they are Attorney General Eric Holder’s “people” and no need for a Black man to show that he is constitutionally qualified to be president like the white man (John McCain) did. Boy how does one like those reparations! American Slavery has just been paid for. Whites are no long in debt to Blacks because that “bill” is now paid in full because a Constitutionally ineligible Black man became president . In spite of all of that Barry Hussein Soetoro’s little half sister continues the meme, ‘please move on there is nothing here to see!’ (see 1:13min video)

1. Sen. McCain wrote in his autobiography that he was born in the Panama Canal.
2. A citizen filed suit in Federal Court, and asked to see Sen. McCain’s birth certificate.
3. Citing a procedural error, the Dept. of Homeland Security refused to provide it.
4. But John McCain’s campaign volunteered to show a hard copy to a reporter anyway, and that document named the hospital where McCain was born.
5. There is also a newspaper clipping confirming his birth.
6. Roberta McCain, the Senator’s 96-year-old-mother, provided further verification when she told a story about giving birth to her son. (source)

It is totally unfair that while running for president Sen. John McCain had to show his long form birth certificate and Sen. Barry Hussein Soetoro didn’t have to show his.

The fact that they are now willing to use Maya Soetoro-Ng as a distraction is an indication that president Soetoro has been wounded by Donald Trumps’ asking of a very fundamental question, which every little boy who signed up for little league this baseball season was asked,"Where is your Birth Certificate, we need to see your birth certificate." Without showing a birth certificate little boys all around the country can’t play baseball. And that’s a fact, no matter how many little sisters come to vouch for you the rule of law is you need to show a birth certificate to participate in little league baseball.

And because there is a constitutional amendment which requires that only a “natural born citizen” can be the president of the United States Barry Hussein Soetoro must show proof that he is lawfully serving as the 44th president of the United States.
He owes that much to the American people. He owes that much to military political prisoner Lt. Col. Larkin who is locked up because this president won't show that he is constitutionally eligible. The president owes the American people the assurance that he is legitimate.

Any little league baseball boy would did it, they already have! You’re up to bat Mr. Soetoro your sister, Ann Coulter and Glen Beck notwithstanding.


  1. No wonder why many people are afraid of the government. Fear and intimidation tecniques
    along with smear tactics and worse are
    employed against U.S. citizens.

  2. JohnnyS4:40 PM

    This is interesting:
    Sarah Obama Said Barack Obama Jr. Was An Orphan in Kenya. "That time frame is relevant to the issue of Barack Obama's early childhood because it means she was caring for children in 1961, the year of Obama's birth."