Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jon Stewart’s Blind Fox Hunt

Watching Jon Stewart on Fox News with Chris Wallace was like watching the stereotypical aging actress who has confused herself with reality and one of her many illustrious leading roles in the bygone past of the silver screen.

Stewart acknowledged to Wallace that he sees himself as a comedian first as if there is some significant other role, which he plays, something more than being just a comedian.

Yet at the same time, he seemed to suggest that anyone who takes him seriously is seriously misled about his role in politics.

Confusing? Yeah just a little. Yet Stewart has managed to blur the lines betwixt and between comedy, political punditry and partisan political activism while attempting to skewer and dismiss the only real News organization remaining, be it network or cable, Fox News.

Stewart maintains that he is the only sane objective arbiter of what is fair and balanced, while everyone else is either dependent on his objectivity, misinformed by Fox News or we are all insane for taking him serious in the first place. Huh? (see 24:11min video)

It’s all too clear that Stewart wishes to remain in a political duck blink where he can make nightly "The Daily Show" duck calls and take shots at Fox News without being identified as a duck hunter.

Nevertheless, the fact is Stewart is a partisan hunter, only he is a Fox hunter who says that he is a comedian who describes Americans who don’t think as he does as misinformed if, we receive our News from Fox News and if we identify Stewart as a partisan activist, his response is, we are insane.

That’s quite a clinical diagnosis coming from a comedian that has an identity complex. And who also has an obsessive compulsion with Fox News. It appears that Mr. Wallace’s little intervention didn’t work. Stewart is convinced that he is judge and jury as to what constitutes unbiased reporting when he is neither a journalist nor a objective person.

What Jon Stewart is, he is a partisan comic hack who has confused being a “smart acres” with political relevancy. He has transferred his hate for Conservatives in general to hatred for the Fox News network in particular.

Stewart is no different from any Progressive Liberal who as an unwarranted hate for Conservatives and Fox News. Stewart just has a television show and people to listen to his slander of a reputable news network. Which is prejudicial Partisan behavior.

By his own admission Stewart is a comedian, what he doesn't admit to is his Ultra partisanship for the Progressive Liberal Left. To be fair he should own up to this as well.

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