Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rick Perry to GOP: Grow a pair they aren’t going to like you anyways!

For all those RINO’s that advance the notion that Social Conservatives are passé and for all those Progressive Liberals who say that Republicans are being pulled too far to the Right by those diabolical Tea Partiers I have two words, one name, for you… John McCain.

You see for all of you Progressives and RINOs that promote the fallacy that Republicans need to be more centrist to win elections you could have made that happen in 2008 by electing Sen. John McCain president. McCain would have done everything in his power to destroy the Conservatives in the Republican Party if he were elected president. You Progressive Liberals and RINO’s missed your chance for remaking Republicans in your own image by electing a partisan socialist leftist.

Instead you chose to bypass the Moderate Maverick and elect the super partisan most leftist President ever to be elected in the history of the United States of America completely bypassing moderation. There was no one as prone to stab Republicans in the back while calling himself a Republican as McCain. With McCain as president, the Republican Party would have simply imploded.

So it is time that all fair-mind Conservatives realize that Progressive Liberals and RINOs are not going to like you no matter what you do. So stop whining and stop trying to appease the Left and grow a pair.

Governor of Texas Rick Perry, a real Conservative, knows that this is true, that is his message and boy does he say it! (see 20:12 min video)

Rick Perry from Alaphiah on Vimeo.

I told you so!

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