Monday, June 20, 2011

Weiner Lied but Obama is an admitted Shovel-Ready Liar

Shovel-ready was not as . . . uh . . . shovel-ready as we expected —president Barry Hussein Soetoro
Translation: I lied about shovel ready jobs.

What did we learn from disgraced and former Brooklyn Queens Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner? Most of us learned how not to lie. In addition, if you do lie you have to be really good at it to keep your job.

Regarding how not to lie we learned. Only lie when you have full control of all of the evidence for example, like a birth certificate or your passport or your school records.

Only lie when those who are involved in your actions have just as much to lose as you do, if ever the truth got out. And only lie if you intend to keep telling that same lie as long as four to eight years or until its evident, to even you, that absolutely nobody, not even a Democrat, is believing you any longer.

Fact is Weiner didn’t have the chops for “Democrat in-yo-face, flat-out, deceptive Nancy Pelosi –Debbie Wasserman Schultz“lying. Oh, he could tell the general Party-line lie, which is usually backed up by fellow Democrats, and the media. That’s easy for most Democrats. What Weiner couldn’t do is tell a personal lie that had to stand on its own. Only the rarest among Democrats are able to do this. And even rarer still, is the ability to tell personal lies and then record them in two books, if in fact you did write those books.

Which brings me to my point, Progressive Liberals like to point out, ‘He only lied about sex, and he shouldn’t lose his job because he lied about sex.’ As if sex is not important but that’s another discussion. The point is Weiner only lost his job because this is an election year and Democrat who would normally shield any Democrat lie no matter how outrageous are busy attempting to get their best liar re-elected. So unfortunately, for Weiner he is thrown under the bus for the Party’s sake. I’m sure that were was the promise of another job if Weiner took this one for the Party. We’ll see him reappear in some prominent Progressive Liberal venue very soon.

So Democrats, just what is a lie that one should lose his or her job over if not lying to America about your twitter account being hacked. What about repeatedly lying to the American people about the economy and jobs? Is that a serious enough offense? (see article)

President Barry Hussein Soetoro has lied to the American people that his policies would product shovel ready jobs, thus creating jobs would in turn help to lift America out of its economic mire. The president did this repeatedly disregarding information coming to him from Republicans who warned him that his policies would hurt job creation not help job creation, but because the president is a super Partisan he would not listen. (see 1:15min video)

The president cannot say that he wasn’t aware or that he didn’t know unless his default position is that nothing that Republicans say is true. Or he believed whole-heartedly in the theory of his failed policies and the Progressives that advocate those theories. If the latter is true then the president has a dangerous partisan blind spot that is based solely on partisan consensus and little to no empirical fact.

Whichever it is America cannot continue down this backward road of blind partisanship that Democrats are misleading our country down.

Weiner lied for self-preservation. The president seems to lie because lying helps further his agenda. There were never any shovel ready jobs. And even so, the president lied about shovel ready jobs, as Bill Clinton once said when asked by CBS News Anchor Dan Rather why he had an affair with White House Intern Monica Lewinsky, former President Bill Clinton answered:
"I think I did something for the worst possible reason — just because I could.”

President Barry Hussein Soetoro lied about shovel ready jobs just because he could. To anyone, but a Democrat, lying about jobs as they relate to this disastrous economy is reason to lose one’s job.

The president said last week if he were Weiner he would resign even though Weiner only lied about sex. The president lied about shovel ready jobs a major component in America’s economic downturn when millions of Americans are depending on his policies to fix the economy, if the president doesn’t resign he should surely lose his job for the destruction, which he has caused because of his continual lies to the country about the economy and about jobs.

Maybe the president should follow his own advice, which he gave to Anthony Weiner. If not, at the very least the American people should hold the president to the president’s own standard in 2012 by firing him for the egregious lies that he has told about jobs and the economy.

To say that shovel ready jobs wasn’t what he expected is flaccidly weak yet indicative of his presidency.

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