Friday, June 17, 2011

Louis Farrakkhan refutes the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Dear Pastors America as we speak is under divine judgment. I have told you what is coming and I could hardly get it out of my mouth before God answered. What I want you to know is America is the modern Babylon. And every filth and indecent thing is going on in America. She’s a golden challis on the outside but filth and abomination of every kind is going on in the inside. Do you think that America can continue to do the things that she does and escape the judgment of God? —Louis Farrakkhan
The climate isn’t changing because of C02 emission according to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakkhan. No the climate is changing because America is Babylon and the wrath of God is being poured out against us. (see 5:39min video)

So I suppose the World Bank won’t have to levy that C02 global tax on jet and shipping fuel in recommendations to G20 governments later this year to raise climate finance is it is planning to do.

I suspect that whether there is Anthropogenic Global Warming or not, the World Bank and all who are attempting to advance Global taxation through the false claim of Climate Change will succeed in enslaving the world by a worldwide tax.

After all, the global warming scheme was always about raising tax revenue globally for the world rulers. As there is absolutely nothing that man can do to prevent climate change and there is no proof that carbon dioxide has any relevance to the planet warming as the emissions of carbons have increased but there has been no increases in global climate temperatures since 1998.

The ironic thing is Louis Farrakkhan’s explanation of why America is experience the recent destructive weather is just as feasible as blaming the recent volatile weather on Anthropogenic global warming! The difference is Farrakkhan is not attempting to enslave the world with a worldwide carbon tax. Global warming advocates are.

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